The Raman Laboratory develops new tool for mapping phage-bacterial interactions

Researchers have developed a new method that reveals the molecular code governing bacteriophage-bacteria interactions. Bacteriophages (phages) – viruses that infect and kill bacteria – have emerged as a promising new frontier due to potential use in antibacterial therapeutics. In a paper released March 9 in eLife, Biochemistry Assistant Professor Vatsan Raman and microbiology graduate student …

Interstellar biological experiments could aid human space travel

If humans are to live in outer space for years at a time, it’s important to understand how the microbes in and on their bodies are affected by space conditions. Humans have trouble performing the most basic tasks when in space thanks to microgravity and they must wear protective gear to safeguard them from the interstellar radiation. But how do microbes experience these effects that aren’t present on Earth?