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Deeper Than Data with Ben Rush podcast logo Barrel racing, science and mentorship: A podcast interview with Judi Simcox

Listen to the Deeper Than Data with Ben Rush podcast to catch Assistant Professor Judi Simcox’s insights on mentorship, inclusivity in science and more.

Computational Design of Microbial Communities

Biochemistry Assistant Professor Ophelia Venturelli spoke with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center about her lab's research developing generalizable, model-driven framework to predict...

Logo of the National Institute of Health David White of Hoskins Lab Receives NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to David S. White, postdoc in the Hoskins Lab, who was recently awarded a Ruth L.

Recent Publications

Temperature effects on RNA polymerase initiation kinetics reveal which open complex initiates and that bubble collapse is stepwise
Dylan M Plaskon Kate L Henderson Lindsey C Felth Cristen M Molzahn Claire Evensen Sarah Dyke Irina A Shkel M Thomas Record
Corrigendum: A Markerless Method for Genome Engineering in <em>Zymomonas mobilis</em> ZM4
Piyush Behari Lal Fritz M Wells Yucai Lyu Indro N Ghosh Robert Landick Patricia J Kiley
Cross-Talk between Clathrin-Dependent Post-Golgi Trafficking and Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis in Arabidopsis Root Cells
Xu Yan Yutong Wang Mei Xu Dana A Dahhan Chan Liu Yan Zhang Jinxing Lin Sebastian Y Bednarek Jianwei Pan