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Photo of Dave Pagliarini Biochemistry's Pagliarini Earns Distinguished Early Career Honor from Protein Society

Dave Pagliarini, associate professor of biochemistry and lead investigator of metabolism for the Morgridge Institute for Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is being recognized for...

Photo of Robert Landick Bacterial Supermachine Reveals Streamlined Protein Assembly Line

There are many processes that take place in cells that are essential for life. Two of these, transcription and translation, allow the genetic information stored in DNA to be deciphered into the...

Photo of Ann Palmenberg Palmenberg Summarizes Biochemistry and Evolution of Rhinovirus C in Virology Review

The term “rhino” is derived from the Greek word for “nose.” Hence, human rhinoviruses are those responsible for the common cold and some can even pose a serious threat to those with asthma.

Recent Publications

Single-molecule visualization of fast polymerase turnover in the bacterial replisome.
Lewis JS, Spenkelink LM, Jergic S, Wood EA, Monachino E, Horan NP, Duderstadt KE, Cox MM, Robinson A, Dixon NE, van Oijen AM
Lignocellulose pretreatment in a fungus-cultivating termite.
Li H, Yelle DJ, Li C, Yang M, Ke J, Zhang R, Liu Y, Zhu N, Liang S, Mo X, Ralph J, Currie CR, Mo J
Defining the Diverse Cell Populations Contributing to Lignification in Arabidopsis thaliana Stems.
Smith RA, Schuetz M, Karlen SD, Bird DA, Tokunaga N, Sato Y, Mansfield SD, Ralph J, Samuels AL
Elevating the conversation about GE crops.
Gould F, Amasino RM, Brossard D, Buell CR, Dixon RA, Falck-Zepeda JB, Gallo MA, Giller KE, Glenna LL, Griffin T, Hamaker BR, Kareiva PM, Magraw D, Mallory-Smith C, Pixley KV, Ransom EP, Rodemeyer M, Stelly DM, Stewart CN, Whitaker RJ