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Biochemistry undergraduate researcher ASBMB Student Chapter Hosting Midwest Undergraduate Research Conference

The University of Wisconsin–Madison student chapter of the American Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) invites undergraduate researchers to participate in the Molecules in...

Biochemistry students in the lab New Joint Advising Hub to Support Biochemistry and Microbiology Majors

To continue to improve the student experience, the Departments of Biochemistry and Bacteriology are combining their undergraduate advising services to form the Biochemistry and Microbiology...

Wright Lab member Joseph Kim Wright Lab Member Serves on Microscopy Society Student Council

Graduate students attend multiple conferences during their educational careers. But after his first successful trip to the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) conference, Joseph Kim decided to get...

Recent Publications

Structure of an RNA helix with pyrimidine mismatches and cross-strand stacking.
Montemayor EJ, Virta JM, Hagler LD, Zimmerman SC, Butcher SE
Rhinoviruses and Their Receptors.
Basnet S, Palmenberg AC, Gern JE
A century-old mystery unveiled: Sekizaisou is a natural lignin mutant.
Yamamoto M, Tomiyama H, Koyama A, Okuizumi H, Liu S, Vanholme R, Goeminne G, Hirai Y, Shi H, Nuoendagula N, Takata N, Ikeda T, Uesugi M, Kim H, Sakamoto S, Mitsuda N, Boerjan WA, Ralph J, Kajita S
Microtubule control of functional architecture in neurons.
Kelliher MT, Saunders HA, Wildonger J