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Director of the Biochemistry Optical Core, Elle Kielar-Grevstad Biochemistry Optical Core Director Earns Photomicrography Distinction

The Director of the Biochemistry Optical Core, Elle Kielar-Grevstad, has earned an “Image of Distinction” award in Nikon’s 2018 Photomicrography Competition. The contest received more than 2,500...

Biochemistry professor John Ralph Researchers Find Value in Unusual Type of Plant Material

Lignin makes up about a quarter of plant biomass and is the most abundant source of renewable aromatics on Earth. Aromatics are materials with six carbon rings usually derived from petroleum that...

Assistant professor of biochemistry Vatsan Raman Raman Earns Prestigious NIH Award to Fund Research on Protein Function

Biochemistry assistant professor Srivatsan “Vatsan” Raman has received a Director's New Innovator Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Recent Publications

Worldwide Protein Data Bank biocuration supporting open access to high-quality 3D structural biology data.
Young JY, Westbrook JD, Feng Z, Peisach E, Persikova I, Sala R, Sen S, Berrisford JM, Swaminathan GJ, Oldfield TJ, Gutmanas A, Igarashi R, Armstrong DR, Baskaran K, Chen L, Chen M, Clark AR, Di Costanzo L, Dimitropoulos D, Gao G, Ghosh S, Gore S,...
The C terminus of the bacterial multidrug transporter EmrE couples drug binding to proton release.
Thomas NE, Wu C, Morrison EA, Robinson AE, Werner JP, Henzler-Wildman K
Advances in Engineering the Fly Genome with the CRISPR-Cas System.
Bier E, Harrison MM, O'Connor-Giles KM, Wildonger J
Genetic Drivers of Pancreatic Islet Function.
Keller MP, Gatti DM, Schueler KL, Rabaglia ME, Stapleton DS, Simecek P, Vincent M, Allen S, Broman AT, Bacher R, Kendziorski C, Broman KW, Yandell BS, Churchill GA, Attie AD