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Photo of Ophelia Venturelli Scientists Develop and Apply New Tool for Studying the Dynamics of Microbial Communities

Microbial communities perform diverse chemical and physical transformations in every environment on Earth. These communities exhibit tremendous spatial and temporal variability. Abiotic (e.g....

Image of a hand writing out the word diabetes Biochemistry Faculty Advance Diabetes Research

Biochemistry professor Judith Simcox is the co-principal investigator on a recently awarded UW2020 Round 6 project.

MeshLab rendering of coronavirus3d file, from SARS-COV-2_COVID-19_A_Coloring_Book-v1.0 Biochemist Sgro, develops COVID-19 coloring book

Are your children tired of coloring bunnies, flowers, or comic characters? Are you seeking a diversion with a scientific bent?

Recent Publications

Fragment screening targeting Ebola virus nucleoprotein C-terminal domain identifies lead candidates.
Aceti DJ, Ahmed H, Westler WM, Wu C, Dashti H, Tonelli M, Eghbalnia H, Amarasinghe GK, Markley JL
A bacterial biosynthetic pathway for methylated furan fatty acids.
Lemke RAS, Olson SM, Morse K, Karlen SD, Higbee A, Beebe ET, Ralph J, Coon JJ, Fox BG, Donohue TJ
Global deficiency of stearoyl-CoA desaturase-2 protects against diet-induced adiposity.
O'Neill LM, Phang YX, Matango M, Shamsuzzaman S, Guo CA, Nelson DW, Yen CE, Ntambi JM
Dynamics of the DEAD-box ATPase Prp5 RecA-like domains provide a conformational switch during spliceosome assembly.
Beier DH, Carrocci TJ, van der Feltz C, Tretbar US, Paulson JC, Grabowski N, Hoskins AA
Investigating the dynamics of microbial consortia in spatially structured environments.
Gupta S, Ross TD, Gomez MM, Grant JL, Romero PA, Venturelli OS