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Photo of UW–Madison biochemistry professor John Ralph Biochemistry, Energy Researcher Named to 2017 "Highly Cited" List

John Ralph, biochemistry professor and researcher with the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI), has been named to Clarivate Analytics’ 2017

Photo of biochemistry professor Aseem Ansari Designer Molecule Points to Treatment for Diseases Caused by DNA Repeats

Using a molecule designed to overcome a roadblock formed by a common type of genetic flaw, researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have made progress towards novel molecular treatments...

Photo of Michael Rummel Biochemistry Undergraduate Alumnus Helps Head Diagnostic Laboratory

Only a little more than a decade out of his biochemistry undergraduate degree, Michael Rummel is an owner in and the chief operating officer of an independent laboratory based in Southern...

Recent Publications

Clathrin regulates blue light-triggered lateral auxin distribution and hypocotyl phototropism in Arabidopsis.
Zhang Y, Yu Q, Jiang N, Yan X, Wang C, Wang Q, Liu J, Zhu M, Bednarek SY, Xu J, Pan J
Multi-omic Mitoprotease Profiling Defines a Role for Oct1p in Coenzyme Q Production.
Veling MT, Reidenbach AG, Freiberger EC, Kwiecien NW, Hutchins PD, Drahnak MJ, Jochem A, Ulbrich A, Rush MJP, Russell JD, Coon JJ, Pagliarini DJ