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Dan Klessig Biochemistry Alum Helps Sustain 'Another Level of Molecular Clarity'

Less than a decade ago, UW researchers began to gather and assemble the components of a powerful, advanced imaging technology called cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) that would allow them to...

Ci Ji Lim Enzymes, Proteins Work Together to Tidy Up Tail Ends of DNA in Dividing Cells

UW-Madison researchers find an enzyme that copies DNA at the ends of chromosomes, when in cahoots with a protein partner, works in a single shape, rather than multiple configurations as previously...

Chad Rienstra Professor Chad Rienstra Named 2022 Vaughan Lecturer

Biochemistry professor Chad Rienstra was named the 2022 Vaughan Lecturer at the 61st Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance. The Vaughan Lecture Series is named after Robert W....

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A Homozygous Missense Variant in KRT25 Underlying Overlapping Phenotype with Woolly Hair and Dental Anomalies
Rubab Raza Gagan Chhabra Muhammad Bilal Mary A Ndiaye Khurram Liaqat Shoaib Nawaz Jean-Yves Sgro Ivan Rayment Wasim Ahmad Nihal Ahmad
2-Propylphenol Allosterically Modulates COQ8A to Enhance ATPase Activity
Nathan H Murray Adam Lewis Juan P Rincon Pabon Michael L Gross Katherine Henzler-Wildman David J Pagliarini
Engineering Curcumin Biosynthesis in Poplar Affects Lignification and Biomass Yield
Barbara De Meester Paula Oyarce Ruben Vanholme Rebecca Van Acker Yukiko Tsuji Thijs Vangeel Sander Van den Bosch Jan Van Doorsselaere Bert Sels John Ralph Wout Boerjan