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Biochemistry students in the lab New Joint Advising Hub to Support Biochemistry and Microbiology Majors

To continue to improve the student experience, the Departments of Biochemistry and Bacteriology are combining their undergraduate advising services to form the Biochemistry and Microbiology...

Wright Lab member Joseph Kim Wright Lab Member Serves on Microscopy Society Student Council

Graduate students attend multiple conferences during their educational careers. But after his first successful trip to the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) conference, Joseph Kim decided to get...

Professor Patrick Cramer Patrick Cramer to Deliver 2020 Hilldale Lecture in Biological Sciences in late January

Patrick Cramer of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry will give the prestigious UW–Madison 2020 Hilldale Lecture in Biological Sciences in late January. All members of the campus...

Recent Publications

Non-enzymatic Activity of the α-Tubulin Acetyltransferase αTAT Limits Synaptic Bouton Growth in Neurons.
Coombes CE, Saunders HAJ, Mannava AG, Johnson-Schlitz DM, Reid TA, Parmar S, McClellan M, Yan C, Rogers SL, Parrish JZ, Wagenbach M, Wordeman L, Wildonger J, Gardner MK
Structure and function of Spc42 coiled-coils in yeast centrosome assembly and duplication.
Drennan AC, Krishna S, Seeger MA, Andreas MP, Gardner JM, Sether EKR, Jaspersen SL, Rayment I
Genetic determinants of gut microbiota composition and bile acid profiles in mice.
Kemis JH, Linke V, Barrett KL, Boehm FJ, Traeger LL, Keller MP, Rabaglia ME, Schueler KL, Stapleton DS, Gatti DM, Churchill GA, Amador-Noguez D, Russell JD, Yandell BS, Broman KW, Coon JJ, Attie AD, Rey FE