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Raines Earns Titles from National Academy of Inventors and American Peptide Society

Ronald Raines, the Henry Lardy Professor of Biochemistry, earned two national awards over the holiday. He was elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and also received the...

CALS Logo Undergraduates Give Back to College as CALS Ambassadors

Science students, like those majoring in biochemistry, aren’t just tucked away in research labs. They also participate in making their college a better and more welcoming place for current and...

Photo of Asuka Eguchi Designer Switches of Cell Fate Could Streamline Stem Cell Biology

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have developed a novel strategy to reprogram cells from one type to another in a more efficient and less biased manner than previous methods.

Recent Publications

Characterization of the dTDP-Fuc3N and dTDP-Qui3N biosynthetic pathways in Campylobacter jejuni 81116†.
Li ZZ, Riegert AS, Goneau MF, Cunningham AM, Vinogradov E, Li J, Schoenhofen IC, Thoden JB, Holden HM, Gilbert M
Ptc7p Dephosphorylates Select Mitochondrial Proteins to Enhance Metabolic Function.
Guo X, Niemi NM, Hutchins PD, Condon SG, Jochem A, Ulbrich A, Higbee AJ, Russell JD, Senes A, Coon JJ, Pagliarini DJ