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James Ntambi James Ntambi Named ASBMB Fellow

Biochemistry and nutritional sciences professor James Ntambi was named a 2023 fellow of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Faculty Honored at CALS Investiture Ceremony

On Mar. 2, nearly 100 faculty, staff, friends, and supporters of CALS attended the inaugural CALS Investiture Ceremony that honored eight department and college level professorships named in 2022...

Andrew Buller Biochemistry Affiliate Professor Among 2023 Sloan Research Fellows

UW–Madison's 2023 Sloan Fellows are Andrew Buller, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry affiliate, and Jose Israel Rodriguez, assistant professor of mathematics.

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Interaction with the carboxy-terminal tip of SSB is critical for RecG function in E. coli
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Inhibition of nonsense-mediated decay induces nociceptive sensitization through activation of the integrated stress response
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