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Biochemistry professor Michael Sussman Screen Using Blood-based Fingerprints for Colon Cancer Shows Promise

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have identified blood-based fingerprints – human protein markers – associated with the pre-cancerous forms of colon cancer that are most likely to...

Photo of biochemistry professor John Ralph Relieving Two Headaches with One Process

With a new method to synthesize a popular pain-relieving medication from plants rather than fossil fuels, researchers at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center have found a way to relieve two...

Photo of meeting attendees 2019 Frontiers in Metabolism Meeting Explores Advances in Metabolic Research

This fall, the Morgridge Institute for Research will convene international leaders in metabolic research at the third Frontiers in Metabolism—Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases meeting.

Recent Publications

Mechanisms of Transcriptional Pausing in Bacteria.
Kang JY, Mishanina TV, Landick R, Darst SA
Fidaxomicin jams Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA polymerase motions needed for initiation via RbpA contacts.
Boyaci H, Chen J, Lilic M, Palka M, Mooney RA, Landick R, Darst SA, Campbell EA
Evaporative cooling provides a major metabolic energy sink.
Kasza I, Adler D, Nelson DW, Eric Yen CL, Dumas S, Ntambi JM, MacDougald OA, Hernando D, Porter WP, Best FA, Alexander CM
NMR Structural Analysis of Isolated Shaker Voltage-Sensing Domain in LPPG Micelles.
Chen H, Pan J, Gandhi DM, Dockendorff C, Cui Q, Chanda B, Henzler-Wildman KA