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Google Honors UW–Madison Biochemist and Nobel Laureate Har Gobind Khorana

On January 9, 1922, Har Gobind Khorana was born in the small village of Ruipar, India, now part of Pakistan.

Cracking the Code of Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis

Coenzyme Q (CoQ) is a vital cog in the body’s energy-producing machinery, a kind of chemical gateway in the conversion of food into cellular fuel. But six decades removed from its discovery,...

Photo of a two-year-old chimp named Betty Chimpanzee Deaths in Uganda Pinned on Human Cold Virus

In the wild, chimpanzees face any number of dire threats, ranging from poachers to predators to deforestation.

That’s why scientists, investigating an outbreak of respiratory disease in a...

Recent Publications

Defining the Diverse Cell Populations Contributing to Lignification in Arabidopsis Stems.
Smith RA, Schuetz M, Karlen SD, Bird D, Tokunaga N, Sato Y, Mansfield SD, Ralph J, Samuels AL
Chemical genomic guided engineering of gamma-valerolactone tolerant yeast.
Bottoms S, Dickinson Q, McGee M, Hinchman L, Higbee A, Hebert A, Serate J, Xie D, Zhang Y, Coon JJ, Myers CL, Landick R, Piotrowski JS
An ortholog of CURLY LEAF/ENHANCER OF ZESTE like-1 is required for proper flowering in Brachypodium distachyon.
Lomax A, Woods DP, Dong Y, Bouché F, Rong Y, Mayer KS, Zhong X, Amasino RM
Combinatorial bZIP dimers display complex DNA-binding specificity landscapes.
Rodríguez-Martínez JA, Reinke AW, Bhimsaria D, Keating AE, Ansari AZ