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Biochemistry professor Richard Amasino Amasino Honored with WARF Named Professorship

Biochemistry professor Richard Amasino has been awarded a Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Named Professorship.

Illustration of protein engineering from the Romero Lab in Biochemistry Romero Targets Wide-ranging Applications with Data-driven Protein Engineering

Proteins are an impressive bunch. Starting with amino acids as their basic building blocks, these complex molecules fold into intricate 3D structures and control just about every biological...

Photo of biochemistry professor John Markley Register Today for the 39th Steenbock Symposium Titled 'Iron-Sulfur Proteins-Biogenesis, Regulation and Function'

The Department of Biochemistry and Department of Biomolecular Chemistry invite you to the 39th annual Steenbock Symposium on May 29-June 2, 2018. Registration is now open, and early discounted...

Recent Publications

PDB-Dev: a Prototype System for Depositing Integrative/Hybrid Structural Models.
Burley SK, Kurisu G, Markley JL, Nakamura H, Velankar S, Berman HM, Sali A, Schwede T, Trewhella J
Protein Data Bank (PDB): The Single Global Macromolecular Structure Archive.
Burley SK, Berman HM, Kleywegt GJ, Markley JL, Nakamura H, Velankar S
Caloric Restriction Engages Hepatic RNA Processing Mechanisms in Rhesus Monkeys.
Rhoads TW, Burhans MS, Chen VB, Hutchins PD, Rush MJP, Clark JP, Stark JL, McIlwain SJ, Eghbalnia HR, Pavelec DM, Ong IM, Denu JM, Markley JL, Coon JJ, Colman RJ, Anderson RM