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Photo of Laura Kiessling A New Kind of Antibiotic Recognition of microbial glycans by human intelectin-1

Scientists seeking to develop the next generation of antibiotics may have found a crucial clue within the human body: a protein that...

Photo of Ron Raines Raines lab links vaccine and biology in cancer treatment

Cancer discovery links experimental vaccine and biological treatment

A new study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has linked two seemingly unrelated cancer treatments that are both...

The Department of Biochemistry Welcomes a New Chair

Welcome to our new Chair, Brian Fox. Brian joined the Biochemistry faculty in 1993, and has served the broader University community as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Policy since 2012.

Recent Publications

Biochemical Characterization of a Recombinant UDP-glucosyltransferase from Rice and Enzymatic Production of Deoxynivalenol-3-O-β-D-glucoside.
Michlmayr H, Malachová A, Varga E, Kleinová J, Lemmens M, Newmister S, Rayment I, Berthiller F, Adam G
MolProbity for the masses-of data.
Chen VB, Wedell JR, Wenger RK, Ulrich EL, Markley JL
Inside-out Ca(2+) signalling prompted by STIM1 conformational switch.
Ma G, Wei M, He L, Liu C, Wu B, Zhang SL, Jing J, Liang X, Senes A, Tan P, Li S, Sun A, Bi Y, Zhong L, Si H, Shen Y, Li M, Lee MS, Zhou W, Wang J, Wang Y, Zhou Y