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Meet our faculty logo Biochemistry Faculty Profile - Professor Judith Kimble Please tell us a little about yourself.
Where did you grow up? Go to school?

I was born in Providence RI and raised in Durham, NC. Went to undergrad at UC Berkeley, grad at CU Boulder

ASBMB logo Michael Cox Named ASBMB Fellow

Biochemistry Professor Michael Cox was recently named a fellow of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

Logo for Biochem course 501 Biochemistry 501 has again earned its place as one of UW-Madison’s most popular summer courses

Biochemistry 501, Introduction to Biochemistry, is a three-credit course offered every semester. Attendance during the school year often exceeds 600 students a semester, and its popularity as an...

Recent Publications

Stacking AsFMT over-expression with BdPMT loss of function enhances monolignol ferulate production in Brachypodium distachyon
Rebecca A Smith Cynthia L Cass Deborah L Petrik Dharshana Padmakshan John Ralph John C Sedbrook Steven D Karlen
Proteome Damage Inflicted by Ionizing Radiation: Advancing a Theme in the Research of Miroslav Radman
Steven T Bruckbauer Benjamin B Minkoff Michael R Sussman Michael M Cox
Reversal of hypertriglyceridemia in diabetic BTBR ob/ob mice does not prevent nephropathy
Alan D Attie Kathryn M Schueler Mark P Keller Kelly A Mitok Shane P Simonett Kelly L Hudkins Kunaal Mehrotra Mark J Graham Richard G Lee Charles E Alpers