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Photo of Alejandro Onate Alejandro Oñate Receives L&S Dean's Prize

Recent biochemistry undergraduate Alejandro Oñate received the College of Letters & Science Dean's Prize, one of the College's highest academic honors.

James Ntambi Parallel Tracks: A Nutritional Biochemistry Vision

James Ntambi promotes health education in East Africa — from rural villages to university labs. Read this story in ASBMB Today.

Thomas Anderson and Anil Kumar give a tour in the cryo-EM centers New Cryo-Electron Microscopy Centers Help UW Researchers Uncover Mysteries of Life

At the Steenbock Symposium on June 7 and 8, 2022, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Biochemistry opened its doors in celebration of two new research centers that bring to campus...

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Host cell RecA activates a mobile element-encoded mutagenic DNA polymerase
Debika Ojha Malgorzata M Jaszczur Adhirath Sikand John P McDonald Andrew Robinson Antoine M van Oijen Chi H Mak Fabien Pinaud Michael M Cox Roger Woodgate Myron F Goodman
Recurrent neural networks enable design of multifunctional synthetic human gut microbiome dynamics
Mayank Baranwal Ryan L Clark Jaron Thompson Zeyu Sun Alfred O Hero Ophelia S Venturelli