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Julius Adler

Studying sensory reception and decision making in Drosophila fruit flies

Margaret Clagett-Dame

Molecular mechanism of action of the vitamin A metabolite, all-trans retinoic acid, in nervous system development; the therapeutic use of vitamin A and D analogs

Michael M. Cox

Molecular biology and enzymology of genetic recombination and DNA repair

Elizabeth A. Craig

The function of molecular chaperones in the cell - Folding and remodeling of proteins

Hector F. DeLuca

Molecular function of vitamins and hormones, metabolism of vitamins A and D

Perry A. Frey

Mechanisms of enzyme and coenzyme action; stereochemistry and mechanisms of phospho- and nucleotidyl transferase action; structure and function of multienzyme complexes

Colleen E. Hayes

Molecular mechanisms that regulate immune responses

Laura L. Kiessling

Biomolecular recognition processes; the chemistry and biology of protein-saccharide interactions

John L. Markley

NMR spectroscopy and its applications to protein structure and function and metabolomics

Thomas F. J. Martin

Regulation of hormone and neurotransmitter secretion and inositol phospholipid biochemistry

David L. Nelson

Biochemistry of behavior in Paramecium: Role of Ca2+, cyclic nucleotides, and protein kinases

Ann C. Palmenberg

Biology and Biochemistry of RNA picornaviruses

George N. Phillips, Jr.

Structure and dynamics of proteins, computational biology

J. Wesley Pike

Transcriptional mechanisms of steroid hormone action in the skeleton

Ronald T. Raines

Chemical biology

M. Thomas Record, Jr.

Biophysical chemistry of proteins, nucleic acids and their interactions

George H. Reed

Activation of enzymic reactions by metal ions; biophysical applications of spectroscopy

William S. Reznikoff

Biochemical genetics; studies on the molecular mechanism of transposition

Marvin P. Wickens

Molecular genetics; RNA and RNA-protein interactions; developmental biology

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