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UW–Madison Department of Biochemistry

From cellular regulation and molecular genetics to structural biology and developmental biology, the Department of Biochemistry has built on a tradition of excellence in basic research established when the department was founded in 1883. Driven by a desire to find molecular explanations for biological phenomena, the department’s interests have grown to embrace a breadth of nascent and established approaches. Contributions by the department’s researchers have dramatically changed our understanding of life and rank among the highlights of biochemistry to date.

For over a century, our reputation for such research excellence has attracted outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and staff who collectively push the boundaries of modern-day biochemistry. The Department of Biochemistry is consistently recognized for its award-winning programs nationwide and for its renowned courses, seminars, research centers, and more. It is recognized as a leader at the forefront of biochemistry education and research by educators, students, researchers, and funding agencies.

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Our Mission

To conduct groundbreaking research in the biochemical sciences while offering exemplary educational opportunities.

We are proud of our long-standing history of successes and ongoing advancements of the fundamental and emerging biochemical sciences. Our research is strengthened through interdisciplinary scientific collaborations across campus and the country, and throughout the world. We are dedicated to and strive for continual improvements in our research and our community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that science is at its best when we work together to tackle challenges.

We believe that each person in the scientific community brings valuable and unique perspectives that enrich our questions and approaches and that empower effective collaborations. Our department values the diversity of our community, and we are committed to creating, growing, and maintaining an equitable and inclusive environment.
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Land Acknowledgement

The UW–Madison Biochemical Sciences Complex occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land.

We, as biochemistry researchers, students and staff, work and live on the lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation. As researchers and as a society we have benefited from the discoveries and knowledge of the Ho-Chunk people and the Indigenous Nations of the Great Lakes, including agricultural cultivation, surgical wound draining and medicinal properties of plants.
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The Department of Biochemistry has a long and storied history, but we continue to grow and evolve. It’s anything but business as usual here — we're always learning something new and exciting about the biochemical basis of life.

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Our facilities and buildings undergo regular upgrades to ensure that our scientists and students have the best resources available to them.

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