Palmenberg Recognized by American Society of Virology for Distinguished Service

Photo of Ann PalmenbergAnn Palmenberg, who retired in August 2023 after more than 40 years in the Department of Biochemistry, was awarded the Wolfgang & Patricia Joklik Distinguished Service Award at the 2024 annual meeting of the American Society for Virology (ASV). The award recognizes Palmenberg’s seminal work on picocoronaviruses, her advocacy for women and junior scientists, and her many years of outstanding service to ASV.

Palmenberg built her career around unveiling the enzymes and mechanisms responsible for controlling viruses, including polio and SARS viruses. Her research, which has established the foundation for further work in disease eradication and vaccine development, has impacted countless people around the world.

Beyond her storied research career, Palmenberg’s leadership in the field of virology has left an indelible mark. In 2006, she was elected to serve as president of AVS, a term which began in January 2007. In 2017, Palmenberg and her colleague at the Institute for Molecular Virology, Rob Kalejta, published a study revealing gender inequities among invited speakers at virology conferences.

Palmenberg’s tireless efforts to support and improve ASV annual meetings were honored through the creation of the Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Award. For more than a decade, the award has recognized early-career scientists who have made significant contributions to the field.

Learn more about the Wolfgang & Patricia Joklik Distinguished Service Award here.