Undergraduate Nicholas Rienstra Tackles New Tech in Wright Lab

Nicholas Rienstra in a lab, wearing a white lab coat
Nicholas Rienstra

Meet Nicholas Rienstra, a rising junior studying engineering mechanics – aerospace. This summer, he’s diving into hands-on research in the Wright Lab. His research focuses on developing new technology to optimize scientists’ ability to handle samples under microscopes, enhancing the study of pathogens and other biological entities.

Rienstra enrolled in Summer Term early on in his Badger journey. In the summer before his freshman year, he participated in the Mechanical Engineering Summer Launch, where he got a head start on his degree and an early taste of dorm life, making friends that he is “still very close with!”

Rieinstra touts the benefits of Summer Term such as staying on track with studies and, if you’re in Madison, experiencing a beautiful summer during quieter months.

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