Jun 28, 2019 - 9:43 PM

New SFLC Officers:

Chair: Josephine Werner

Vice Chair: Dana Dahhan

Treasurer/Fundraiser: Jennifer Peotter

Career: Peyton Spreacker, Nathan Murray

Recruiting: Elizabeth Larson, Alex Duckworth

Social: Aryel Clark, Matt Blackburn

Outreach: Josh Mitchell, Katherine Senn, and Lily Miller

Student Lunch Symposium: Will Kasberg


Jul 23, 2019 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Coiled Coil Fusion Proteins Facilitate Structural Studies of the Cardiac Myosin Rod and Thick Filament

Aug 02, 2019 - 2:00 PM

The self-renewal regulatory hub in C. elegans