Graduate Research Fellowship Program Awardees Announced

NSF LogoThe National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the 2024 awards in its Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), a prestigious and competitive fellowship that helps support outstanding graduate research across the country.

Among the UW–Madison students receiving GRFPs this year is Amory Griffin, an undergraduate conducting research in the Hoskins Lab (Department of Biochemistry) and Schomaker Lab (Department of Chemistry). Griffin will be attending graduate school in the fall at Princeton University. Griffin’s work in the Hoskins Lab has provided him with in-depth, hands-on research experience ahead of his upcoming graduate school career. “In my lab, Amory is using yeast molecular genetics and RNA-Seq to study the function of a newly described yeast splicing factor, Fyv6,” says Hoskins. “Amory will be included as an author in an upcoming paper where we describe how this splicing factor controls splice site selection in yeast.”

Graduate students in the Integrated Program in Biochemistry, Laura Campbell (Weeks Lab) and Julia Flood (Lewis Lab), received honorable mentions.