Biochemistry Major Justin Moua to Represent Students During Spring 2023 Commencement

Biochemistry major Justin Moua of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin will serve as the CALS flag bearer during the opening procession at spring commencement on May 13. Flag bearers are selected by the dean of each school and college to represent their fellow students. CALS talked to Justin about his studies and activities at the university. Of his time as a Biochemistry major, Justin said:

The complexity of choosing my major challenged me…I ultimately centered around biochemistry as it would enable my love for metabolites (carbs, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids), but also engage my budding interest in chemistry beyond AP chemistry.

There are three tenets of Biochemistry that I have learned throughout my academic career here at the University of Wisconsin. 1. Interpretation and communication. Essentially the ability to understand biological and biochemical pathways and also relay the information back to a peer or apply the skill through lab work. 2. Collaboration and engagement. I learned quickly the importance of scientific collaboration within the lab, including with peers, teaching assistants, or professors on topics I struggled with. 3. Resilience and kindness. Both of these ideas honestly felt like contradictions to me until I realized how much these emotions are coupled.

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