Biochemistry Undergraduate Earns CALS Senior Award

Photo of Bradley Carlson

Congratulations to biochemistry undergraduate alumnus Bradley Carlson, who graduated in May, on the recent College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Senior Award that capped off his undergraduate career. The awards recognize academic excellence, leadership, and service.

Carlson, who hails from near Minneapolis, MN, grew up wanting to be a University of Wisconsin–Madison Badger because both of his parents are from Wisconsin. Having just graduated, he participated in many activities during his undergraduate education that are the pinnacle of leadership and service, all while maintaining a high level of academic excellence.

“My overall goal is to become a physician and I wanted during my undergraduate career to become involved in a variety of activities that would help me gain experience that contributed to me being a great physician,” he says. “I was really excited and surprised to get this award.”

Carlson has been involved in many volunteer and leadership activities during his time in CALS, which all have something in common: giving back to his peers or his community. He’s been a discussion facilitator for a biochemistry course and through the Greater University Tutoring Service, serving as a peer-mentor to other undergraduates.

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Brad has been a facilitator for two semesters for a highly attended and productive optional Biochemistry 501 discussion section,” says biochemistry faculty associate Lisa Lenertz. “He and his two co-facilitators have worked well together all year, creating sessions that are rich in active learning. He has helped many students succeed in the course and I am happy to have worked with him.”

He was also a member in and eventually became president of a pre-med society that focuses on helping students through their pre-med process.                                   

“One thing I really like about mentoring my peers is that everybody here is really smart,” explains Carlson, who also graduated with a certificate in Global Health. “It is really fun to work with them because things click easily and you’re able to get really into the exciting details of biochemistry. I hope to continue working with peers in that way throughout my career.”

His volunteering activities also reach beyond campus. He has helped out at the Meriter emergency room and also serves as a health coach for underserved and underinsured patients at the Wingra Family Clinic using his Spanish language skills. 

“I am very grateful to CALS for this opportunity and everything the Department of Biochemistry has done for me,” he says. “It’s great to know all my hard work has paid off in this way and I’m really honored."