IPiB Student-Faculty Liaison Committee Announces New Officers at Ice Cream Social

IPiB students enjoy ice cream at their June 8 social

The Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) Student-Faculty Liaison Committee announced its officers for 2016-17 at their ice cream social on Wednesday, June 8. The committee serves as a connection between students and faculty to foster input and collaboration.

“SFLC is really interested in fulfilling the needs of graduate students in IPiB,” says Kim Haupt, the outgoing chair and now a 2016-17 career chair. “The strength of the IPiB graduate program is reflected in the existence of the SFLC organization and the support we get from the faculty. We are all working together to make IPiB better.”

TA photo of the 2016-17 IPiB Student-Faculty Liaison Committee officershe committee invites everyone to be on the lookout for their events, such as the Tea Times that occur once every two weeks. Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to attend. The committee is also involved in social events and professional development, such as a retreat, winter reception, mock interviews, recruiting, and student lunch symposia, among others. The group encourages all graduate students to get involved.

IPiB is the merged graduate program of the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry (BMC). The students elected to officer positions are:

  • Chair: Tyler Stanage – Cox Lab/Biochem
  • Vice Chair: Markus Nevil – Harrison Lab/BMC
  • Treasurer: Dana Dahhan – Bednarek Lab/Biochem
  • Career Chairs:
  • Social Chairs:
  • Recruiting Chairs:
  • New Student Orientation Committee Representative: Samantha Anderson – Senes Lab/Biochem
  • Lunch Symposia Coordinator: Ana Lindahl – Denu Lab/BMC
  • Student Invited Speaker Coordinator: Dominik Hoelper – Lewis Lab/BMC
  • Outreach/Service Chairs:
  • IPiB and Undergrad Curriculum Committees Representative: Brian Carrick – Kimble Lab/Biochem