William Rutter to receive honorary degree

Photo of William Rutter

Dr. William J. Rutter,  will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Wisconsin–Madison on Friday, May 13, 2016.

Rutter is a founder of the field of biotechnology, having made seminal contributions in both academia and industry. He received pivotal training here at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with Prof. Henry Lardy, one of many eminent scientists at our renowned Institute for Enzyme Research. His research group made many extraordinary contributions, including the first cloning of genes encoding insulin and growth hormones, development of the first recombinant vaccine (for hepatitis B), determination of the sequence of the HIV genome, and discovery, cloning, and sequencing of the hepatitis C virus.

Photo from reception courtesy of eCals
Photo of Julius Adler, Annrita Lardy, William Rutter and Dean Kate VanderBosch

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