Biochemistry Logistics Tool Team Receives UW Administrative Improvement Award

Biochemistry Logistics Tool Logo

Charlie Lor, Cathy Michael, David Parker and Kerry Tobin have been selected as one of five teams to receive UW-Madison’s 2016 Administrative Improvement Award for their work developing the Biochemistry Logistics Tool (BLT).

The Department of Biochemistry receives over 15,000 packages annually. Packages are delivered to 33 laboratories spread over three buildings. Previously, the department had no way to track deliveries or find lost packages. The department also had to keep copies of all packing slips for audit purposes.

Charlie Lor, a student employee, led the software development for a web-based application designed to help document the process and centrally track receipts and delivery of laboratory supplies and other packages the department receives.  The application works in conjunction with a number of technological hardware solutions including mobile devices, document cameras and barcode scanners to optimize the administrative and delivery processes.

BLT uses barcode technology to capture the shipping company’s tracking number and allows package delivery tracking from the loading dock to the lab.  The tool has led to much-improved tracking of packages. It provides accurate and reliable information faster and more efficiently than the previous paper process, leading to better use of staff resources.  Biochemistry’s management staff also spends far less time compiling information and more time providing insight and analysis.

The BLT system was also recently demonstrated as part of UW-Madison’s Showcase.  The project’s poster is shown below.

BLT Showcase Poster

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