UW-Madison Biochem Represents at ASBMB

ASBMB2016 logo image

UW-Madison Bochemistry students traveled to San Diego for this years American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting.

Photo of undergraduate group at ASBMB2016
From left to right: Matt Stefely (Pagliarini), Brexton Turner (Hoskins), Alina Zdechlik (Ntambi), Sara Bugliosi (Landick), Lindsey Felth, Mary Menhart (Cox), Bowon Joung (Cox), George Luo (Hoskins), Matt Lammers (Weibel), Serena Wan (Cox), and Willey Lin (Eisenstein)

We had 11 students from the department compete in the undergraduate research poster competition here this past Saturday. There were about 230 students from across the country in the competition.  In each of four categories, they award one top prize and four honorable mentions, twenty prizes in all. UW-Biochemistry took five of the honorable mentions.

Photo of Lindsey Feith
Lindsey Felth (Record lab)

Photo of Bowon Joung
Bowon Joung (Cox lab)

Photo of Matt Stefely
Matt Stefely (Pagliarini lab)

Photo of Brexton Turner
Brexton Turner (Hoskins lab)

Photo of Alina Zdechlik
Alina Zdechlik (Ntambi lab)

Congratulations people!

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