Sussman Lab Colon Cancer Detection Innovation Award

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The Sussman Lab won a WARF Innovation Award for a diagnostic test offering new hope in the fight against colon cancer through earlier, easier and more detailed detection.

The diagnostic test being developed by Biochemistry Professor Michael Sussman and his team requires only a small blood sample to search for protein “red flags.” Early results suggest the new test is able to detect cancer at an early stage and may outperform other screening methods.

“We’re still in (the) early stages,” says Melanie Ivancic, a member of the team. “The pilot study in humans is going well so far. We’re participating in the WARF Accelerator Program to expand the study to include a larger number of patients looking at pre-cancer polyps as well.”

The winning team includes William Dove, Jennifer Pleiman, Edward Huttlin, Perry Pickhardt, Xiaodi Chen, Amy Irving, Adrian Hegeman, Mark Reichelderfer and Gregory Kennedy.

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