Darryl Wesener Wins at WARF Discovery Challenge

Photo of Darryl Wesener

Congratulations to Darryl Wesener from the Kiessling Lab for his top research proposal at the recent WARF Discovery Challenge.

The Discovery Challenge, part of the WARF Student Ambassador Program, is a two-part research competition for UW–Madison graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from all departments and fields of study. It aims to promote cross-disciplinary research and provides a forum for students to share research results, exchange ideas, improve their communication skills and seek new collaborators. It consists of a research symposium on April 9, followed by a research award competition held in fall 2015.

Darryl’s proposal on “Recognition of Non-Mammalian Glycan Epitopes by Human Intelectin” is below

Photo of Daryl's poster on Recognition of Non-Mammalian Glycan Epitopes by Human Intelectin