BioHouse brings opportunity for students in science

logo for BioHouse

BioHouse is the newest of 10 UW–Madison residential learning communities — clusters of students in residence halls who choose to live with others active in a common interest area — three of which are designed for students interested in science.

“Students in the sciences need to understand all fields in the biosciences and collaborate across interdisciplinary fields. We are trying to give students a broader perspective”

photo of BioHouse tour
From right to left, undergraduates Kelly Vanderloop and Christina McNerney (wearing striped sweater) listen to doctoral candidate Kristin Michels (center) and graduate student Rachel Brunner describe elements of a soil core sample in a paleoecology lab in Birge Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Nov. 10, 2014. The lab tour was part of programming for BioHouse, a biological-themed residential learning community in which Vanderloop and McNerney are enrolled. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

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