The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Award for Distinguished Service to Hector DeLuca

Photo of Hector DeLuca

Hector F. DeLuca, Madison, Wis., professor of biochemistry at UW-Madison, is internationally recognized for his contributions to human health. He’s played a decisive role in the development and introduction of the natural hormone and related compounds as effective new drugs for the treatment of disease. Six compounds discovered and developed in DeLuca’s laboratory are in use worldwide for the treatment of such conditions as vitamin D-resistant rickets, hypoparathyroidism, renal osteodystrophy, psoriasis and osteoporosis. Additional findings from DeLuca’s lab are being explored as potential treatments for diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Beyond the lab, DeLuca has twice served as department chair, advised numerous academic and industry boards, and accumulated more than 50 honors and awards over his career.

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