Graduate Teaching Excellence Award: Ed Huttlin

Photo of Ed Huttlin

This award is intended to recognize a Biochemistry graduate student who has consistently shown evidence of quality, commitment, and innovation in teaching.  This year's Graduate Teaching Excellence Award is awarded to Ed Huttlin.  Ed was an outstanding TA for two years in Biochemistry 651, the undergraduate lab course.  As part of his responsibilities, he led the gel filtration experiment.  Ed gave clear and informative lectures to the class of about 60 students for three weeks and he also instructed the other TAs in how to do the experiments; so that they could teach their respective sections.  His kind manner and patience was appreciated by the undergraduate students who often relied on him to answer questions.

Some of the student comments from the course are:
– Ed was easily one of the best TAs I've had throughout my entire college career.  He was extremely nice and approachable.  He was always willing to answer questions.  Great job! Thanks Ed!
– Helpful.
– A Class act.

Additionally, Ed has been a guest lecturer in a class called "Introduction to Statistics for Business" at Lakeland Community College.  Ed delivered a lecture describing how to use basic statistics concepts in research.  He has also trained visiting faculty in standard techniques for sample preparation, instrument operation, and data analysis in mass spectrometric based proteomics.  

Because of his talent as a teacher in formal and informal settings, Ed is most deserving of the Graduate Teaching Excellence Award.  Congratulations!