Graduate Awards Announced

The Annual Biochemistry Awards Reception included two new awards this year, made possible by the generosity of Arnold E. and Catherine M. Denton.

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award: Michael D. Hobbs
This award is intended to recognize a Biochemistry graduate student who has consistently shown evidence of quality, commitment, and innovation in teaching. Graduate students who have completed their Biochemistry major teaching requirements are eligible. Nominations are requested from all instructors of Biochemistry classes with graduate teaching assistants. Nominations for students who have assisted in more than one class during their two semesters of required teaching should be presented as joint nominations between all involved instructors. These nominations should indicated student responsibilities, class and/or discussion/lab size, and characteristics that distinguish the nominee from other graduate assistants. In addition to the items listed above, student evaluations will be used as part of the selection criteria for qualified candidates.

Graduate Mentoring Award: Kimberly Dickson
This award is designated to honor Biochemistry graduate students who consistently provide quality guidance and scientific training in mentoring undergraduate students in their research efforts. Qualified nominees should be nearing completion of their degree and have established a consistent record of mentoring undergraduates throughout their career. The nomination will consist of a cover letter from the laboratory PI highlighting the candidate’s contributions to the intellectual and technical training of undergraduate lab members, including evidence of a successful scientific learning experience such as abstracts, poster presentations, or co-authored publications. Letters of support from undergraduate students should also be included with the nomination. These letters of support are of particular importance to this nomination and should provide strong testimonial to the candidate’s mentoring achievements.

Sigrid Leirmo Memorial Award in Biochemistry: David S. Bernstein
This award is provided by funds given in memory of Dr. Sigrid Leirmo by her husband. Dr. Leirmo received her Ph.D. degree in the Department of Biochemistry (1989) and was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Bacteriology when she died tragically in an accident in October, 1990. This award is designated for a graduate or postdoctoral student who best exemplifies her spirit. Sigrid was widely acknowledged among her fellow students and colleagues both as a promising researcher and as an enthusiastic friend and mentor. The award is to be given to a postdoctoral or graduate student who is acknowledged by his/her peers and advisors as one who displays clear promise as a research scientist. Most importantly, the award is to be designated in appreciation of the student’s consistent willingness to contribute to the intellectual and technical potential of his or her fellow students and colleagues through the selfless help of others.