Mother of all NMR Magnets to Bolster UW-Madison Lab

Photo of 900 mHz NMR magnet

Now, with support from the National Institutes of Health, UW-Madison’s National Magnetic Resonance Facility will be home to a machine capable of generating the largest NMR-quality magnetic field possible with current technology.

A $5 million award from NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences paves the way for the fall deployment of an 11-ton, 900-megahertz NMR magnet that will position the lab to remain as one of the top NMR research facilities in the world, says biochemistry professor John Markley,

“This system will enable us to examine biological processes we haven’t been able to attack before,” Markley says.

Markley, who led the effort to bring this technology to Wisconsin, is one of 36 researchers from around the country with grant funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences who plan to use the power of the new instrument to advance their research.

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