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Richard M. Amasino

Regulation of plant development; mechanisms of floral induction

Alan D. Attie

Genetics of diabetes, beta-cell biology, lipid metabolism, and diet outcome

Sebastian Y. Bednarek

Plant cell biology; intracellular protein trafficking, membrane biogenesis

Samuel E. Butcher

Structural biology of RNA interactions that regulate gene expression

Jason R. Cantor

Studies human cell biology and how it is influenced by environmental factors with relevance to cancer and immunology

Snehal N. Chaudhari

Interactions of the gut microbiome with the host; intestinal metabolism in health and disease

Scott M. Coyle

Understanding and engineering microscale molecular and cellular machines

Brian G. Fox

Biochemical, catalytic, and spectroscopic studies of redox active enzymes; protein engineering

Paul D. Friesen

Molecular biology of eukaryotic DNA viruses, gene expression regulation, apoptosis, retrotransposons

Christopher J. Gisriel

Molecular basis of bioenergetic systems involved in photosynthesis

Timothy Grant

Studying the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules using cryo-EM

Katherine Henzler-Wildman

Dynamics and function of integral membrane proteins, secondary active transport, ion channels

Hazel M. Holden

Structure and function of enzymes

Aaron A. Hoskins

Mechanistic studies of eukaryotic RNA processing using chemical, genetic, and biophysical approaches

Judith Kimble

Molecular regulation of animal development

Robert N. Kirchdoerfer

Structural and biochemical exploration of RNA virus entry and replication

Robert Landick

RNA polymerase structure/function; regulation of transcript elongation in bacteria and humans

Ci Ji Lim

Mechanism of telomere maintenance; Structure-function studies of biological machines by cryo-EM and single-molecule imaging

Monica E. Neugebauer

Discovery, characterization, and evolution of enzymes for biocatalysis and chemical biology

James M. Ntambi

Genetic regulation of metabolism: the stearoyl-CoA desaturase genes

John Ralph

Plant cell wall structure, biosynthesis and utilization

Srivatsan Raman

Understanding and designing biomolecular systems using high-throughput functional assays

Ivan Rayment

Molecular basis of protein function

Chad M. Rienstra

Development and application of solid-state NMR spectroscopy to protein, lipid and small molecule structure and dynamics

Philip A. Romero

Protein engineering, computational biology, high-throughput technology

Alessandro Senes

Biochemical and computational studies of membrane protein interactions

Judith Simcox

Inter-organ communication through lipid derived metabolites

Michael R. Sussman

Signal transduction in eukaryotes, genomic technologies, membrane receptors and ion transporters

Ophelia S. Venturelli

Understanding and engineering microbial communities across space and time

Amy M. Weeks

Spatially-resolved mapping of post-translational modifications; protein engineering; chemoproteomics

Elizabeth R. Wright

3D structure of viruses, bacteria, and mammalian cells by cryo-electron microscopy

Duo Xu

Protein-protein interactions at the host-pathogen interface

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