Summer Cambridge and Oxford Research Experience (SCORE)

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What Participating Students Will Gain

The SCORE summer research experience is a unique opportunity for students committed to a professional career in research or medicine. The SCORE experience will provide students with:

  • Cutting-edge research experience in excellent scientific environments to strengthen your undergraduate career and enhance your resume
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exposure to different modes of doing research and thinking about science
  • Life in one of the world’s outstanding universities
  • Personal growth from invaluable experience of living abroad

These distinctive experiences will complement and strengthen any application for post-graduate studies.

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Undergraduate students who are attending UW–Madison and majoring in the biological sciences are eligible to apply. Students must participate in SCORE between their junior and senior years of undergrad. Prior research experience is required, and applicants should have a strong interest in a career in research. Applicants must have taken, or be taking, a junior-level or higher course in Biochemistry, Genetics, or Molecular Biology.

Program Limit

Up to six to eight undergraduate students can participate in the program each year.

Environment and Accommodation

Oxford and Cambridge are widely regarded as two of the world’s premier institutions of higher education and learning. Alumni include many leaders in the natural sciences. Both universities have outstanding research programs in biochemistry and molecular biology. University buildings and academic environments are unique. Students will perform research in modern facilities within the university environment. Students will be housed in University-affiliated houses and colleges.

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Fellowships are available.

How to Apply

  1. Send an email that you are planning to apply to Professor Timothy Grant ( This email is not required and is not binding; however, it provides contact information and who to expect.
  2. Apply via the Study Abroad website. An application to either Cambridge or Oxford is an application to both.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required.
  4. Students are selected based on academic qualifications (academic record, coursework, and research experience) and their written personal statements. Participants are chosen after in-person interviews of selected candidates.
  5. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Note: You can apply to both the SCORE and SUPER-G programs.

Program Director

Photo of Timothy Grant

Timothy Grant

Position title: Assistant Professor, Morgridge Institute Investigator


Phone: (608) 316-4569

3311 Morgridge Institute for Research
330 North Orchard Street
Madison, WI 53715-1119