Undergraduate Research and Independent Study

Looking for a research opportunity? |
Already have a research opportunity and need to enroll for credit?

Looking for a research opportunity?

  • Follow the steps outlined on the Biocommons website to identify and contact potential research mentors for unadvertised research opportunities.
  • Check the Student Job Center for paid opportunities.
  • The International Internship Program (IIP) has a searchable database of internships available during the school year and summer - many are research-based in a variety of settings (university, government, or private research labs).
  • Many universities offer summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates), where you can participate in a research project at a different university than the one you currently attend.  The National Science Foundation has a database of REUs, or you can search on individual university websites for other REU options.

Already have a research opportunity and need to enroll for credit?


If your mentor is in the Department of Biochemistry:

You will enroll in Biochemistry 299 if you have fewer than 54 total credits, or Biochemistry 699 if you have 55 or more credits.  1 credit = 3-5 hours of research work per week. To enroll in these courses, follow these steps:

  1. Review and complete the Independent Study Agreement Form with your research professor and primary mentor.  
  2. Email a completed copy of the Independent Study Agreement Form to the Biochemistry/Microbiology Undergraduate Advising Hub  (biochemmicrobio-advisor@wisc.edu) for course authorization. 
  3. Once authorized, the undergraduate advisor will e-mail you letting you know you are able to add the course. Please add your mentor's section of the appropriate course (299 or 699) to your schedule via Course Search and Enroll, even if the class appears closed. As you add the class you will be asked to select the number of credits for which you are enrolling.

Click to Download Independent Study Agreement Form

If your mentor is in a department other than Biochemistry:

  • Contact that department for information on enrolling for research credit.

Not sure what department your mentor is in?

  • Ask your mentor or other undergraduates working in the lab about how to enroll for research credit under them. Your mentor may know about the process from working with other students.
  • Otherwise, in Course Search and Enroll (in MyUW), use the “Keyword, instructor, number” field (below “Search for Courses”) and enter you mentor’s last name. Look for course results with the numbers 299 or 699.  Identify the subject/department that offers 299 or 699 with your mentor as the instructor and contact that department to ask how to enroll.