Upper Level (Advanced) Biology Courses

Courses that count toward the “Upper Level (Advanced) Biology coursework” requirement (for students who have taken Bio 151/152) are listed in the Guide under Requirements for the Biochemistry major. Please note that undergraduate students can pursue one of four options for the biochemistry major:

To navigate to the list of “Upper Level (Advanced) Biology coursework” and their descriptions go to Requirements under the degrees above -> Requirements for the Major -> BIOLOGY -> AND Option A Upper-Level Biology.

Students should be aware that many upper level biology courses are not offered every semester or year. Consult the university’s Guide to see when courses are typically offered and enroll.wisc.edu to see which courses are being offered in a specific upcoming term. If you find a new course that is not on this list that seems like it should be on this list, please talk with your advisor.

Fall 2023 Courses: PDF

Spring 2023 Courses: PDF

Summer 2023 Courses: PDF