Iron-Sulfur Proteins—Biogenesis, Regulation and Function

39th Steenbock Symposium - May 29, 2018 to Jun 02, 2018
Memorial Union


Confirmed speakers

Janneke Balk UK
Lucia Banci Italy
David Barondeau USA
Frédéric Barras France
Squire Booker USA
Joan Broderick USA
Betty Craig USA
Miroslav Cygler Canada
Brian Hoffmann USA
Jim Imlay USA
Nick LeBrun UK
Roland Lill Germany
Silke Leimkühler Germany
Sandrine Ollagnier France
Caryn Outten USA
Wayne Outten USA
Deobrah Pearlstein USA
Hélène Puccio France
Luis Rubio Spain
Tracey Rouault USA
Jared Rutter USA
Lance Seefeldt USA
Ryouichi Tanaka, Japan
Dennis Winge USA
Additional speakers
20 submitted abstracts will be promoted to talks