Protein Trafficking in the Secretory Pathway

38th Steenbock Symposium - Jun 22, 2017 to Jun 25, 2017
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery


Subject to Change

Thursday June 22 2017
4:00PM Registration - HF DeLuca Forum - (posters for Poster Session should be checked in during this time)
6:30PM Opening Reception - Hors d'oeuvres provided
9:00PM Adjourn

Friday June 23 2017
7:15AM Breakfast* - Main Court
*Note that the building will be unlocked at 7:00AM

8:10AM SESSION I. Endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis - HF DeLuca Forum
8:15AM Carmella Evans-Molina
8:45AM Gökhan Hotamisligil
9:15AM Will Prinz
9:45AM Maho Niwa
10:15AM Randal Kaufman

10:45AM Break - Main Court

11:10AM SESSION II. Guiding cargoes out of the endoplasmic reticulum - HF DeLuca Forum
11:15AM Catherine Rabouille
11:45AM Shu-ou Shan
12:15PM Karin Reinisch
12:45PM Michael Hanna - Invited abstract speaker

1:00PM Lunch - Main Court

1:55PM SESSION III. Moving to and through the Golgi apparatus - HF DeLuca Forum
2:00PM Chris Fromme
2:30PM Fred Hughson
3:00PM Nava Segev
3:30PM Elizabeth Sztul
4:00PM Poster Session and Reception - Open Court Central, Mesozoic East
Hors d'oeuvres provided
(presenters should remove posters at end of session, storage available in room 1130)

6:30PM Explore and Dine in Madison on your own

Saturday June 24 2017
7:05AM Breakfast* - Main Court
*Note that the building will be unlocked at 7:00AM

7:55AM SESSION IV. Sorting out at the trans Golgi network - HF DeLuca Forum
8:00AM Juan Bonifacino
8:30AM Chris Burd
9:00AM Michele Solimena
9:30AM Judith Klumperman
10:00AM Lauren Jackson - Invited abstract speaker
10:15AM Manoj Puthenveedu - Invited abstract speaker

10:30AM Break - Main Court

10:55AM SESSION V. Navigating the endosomal system - HF DeLuca Forum
11:00AM Ben Glick
11:30AM Jeremy Carlton
12:00PM Alex Merz
12:30PM Jeanne Stachowiak

1:00PM Lunch - Main Court

1:55PM SESSION VI and VII. Regulation of exocytosis I/II - HF DeLuca Forum
2:00PM Mary Munson
2:30PM Peter Novick
3:00PM Michael Ailion
3:30PM Robert Piper - Invited abstract speaker
3:45PM Scott Messenger - Invited abstract speaker

4:00PM Break - Main Court

4:20PM Speed Presentations - HF DeLuca Forum

Order - PresenterOrder - PresenterOrder - Presenter
1 - John J.H. Shin7 - Elisa B. Frankel13 - Ana Maria Jaramillo
2 - Antonio Galindo8 - Leslie K. Climer14 - Elaina Jones
3 - Martin Neukam9 - Mithu De15 - Ajeetha Josephrajan
4 - Xuelin Lou10 - Derek C. Prosser16 - Huan Bao
5 - Sarah D. Neuman11 - Matthew J. Merrins17 - David A. Ruhl
6 - Steve Halaby12 - Peng Xu18 - Laura Thomas

5:30PM Keynote Speaker Scott Emr - HF DeLuca Forum
6:45PM Dinner - Main Court
9:00PM Adjourn

Sunday June 25 2017
8:00AM Breakfast - Central/Main

8:55AM SESSION VI and VII. Regulation of exocytosis I/II - HF DeLuca Forum
9:00AM Jingshi Shen
9:30AM Debbie Thurmond
10:00AM Herbert Gaisanoto
10:30AM Jakob Sørensen
11:00AM Closing Remarks - HF DeLuca Forum
11:15AM Adjourn

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