Enzyme Structure and Function

36th Steenbock Symposium - May 22, 2014 to May 24, 2014
Overture Center for the Performing Arts


Karen Allen – Boston University
Richard Armstrong – Vanderbilt University
Vahe Bandarian – University of Arizona
John Blanchard – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Squire Booker – Penn State University
Debbie Dunaway-Mariano – University of New Mexico
Paul Fitzpatrick – University Texas – San Antonio
Judith Klinman – University of California – Berkeley
Tom Meek – GlaxoSmithKline
Frank Raushel – Texas A&M
Nigel Richards – Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis
Vern Schramm – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
JoAnne Stubbe – MIT
Wilfred van der Donk – University of Illinois
Grover Waldrop – Louisiana State University

The banquet talk will be given by Professor Paul Cook from the University of Oklahoma, who will tell us about another side of Mo – namely his stamp collecting activities.

Session chairs include:

Perry Frey – University of Wisconsin
Rowena Matthews – University of Michigan
Dexter Northrop – University of Wisconsin
George Reed – University of Wisconsin
Peter Tipton – University of Missouri
Chris Walsh – Harvard University