Fe-S Proteins: Biogenesis, Structure and Function

31st Steenbock Symposium - May 19, 2005 to May 22, 2005

This meeting will focus on Fe-S proteins, their unique and diverse biological functions, the highly conserved, complex machinery required for their biogenesis, and recent insights into their diverse structure. Recent advances in these emerging areas that impinge on biological systems from bacteria to humans, and serve as a forum for interaction amongst scientists investigating different aspects of Fe-S proteins. A goal of the meeting is to foster communication amongst participants of diverse backgrounds, including chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists  and structural biologists.

Sessions will focus on
  •     Biogenesis of Fe-S proteins
  •     New Insights into Fe-S protein structure
  •     Fe-S proteins and human disease
  •     Roles of Fe-S clusters in regulation
  •     Novel enzymatic functions of Fe-S clusters

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