Gene Expression, Transposition, Genomic and Other Life Sciences

30th Steenbock Symposium - May 20, 2004


Chris Adams - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Single Molecule Investigations of Tn5 Transposase – DNA Interactions [PDF]

Brandon Ason - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tn5 transposase as a target identifies compounds that inhibit HIV integration in
cells [PDF]

Wayne Barnes - Washington University
Hot Start, Fidelity and Cloning Improvements for PCR [PDF]

Blake W. Buchan - CESG, University of Wisconsin-Madison
High-throughput production of selenomethionine-labeled proteins in 2-liter PET bottles using an auto-inducing medium [PDF]

Brendan Burns - CESG, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Screening and quantification methods for high-throughput production of unlabeled and labeled soluble Arabidopsis thaliana proteins in Escherichia coli [PDF]

Mike Chandler - Institut d'Exploration Fonctionnelle des Génomes - France
Emerging Perspectives on the Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance [PDF]

Nancy Craig - Johns Hopkins
Bug Transposons [PDF]

Julian Davies - Univ. of British Columbia
Antibiotics, Gene Expression, and the Meaning of Life [PDF]

Mike Fiandt - Epicentre
​Transposon-mediated Rescue Cloning of Unidirectional Deletion Libraries From Either End of Any Target DNA [PDF]

Jeffrey Gardner - University of Illinois- Urbana
Studies on the Conjugative Transposon CTn DOT [PDF]

Richard Gradman - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Analysis of a Tn5 Insertion Library in MG1655 [PDF]

Carol Gross - UCSF
Stress Signaling Pathways [PDF]

David B. Haniford - University of Western Ontario
The Impact of Host Factors on Tn10 Transposition: The Story Unfolds [PDF]

Daria J. Hazuda - Merck Research Labs
Pyrophosphate Mimetics: a Mechanism Based Approach to Antiviral Drug Discovery [PDF]

Wolfgang Hillen - Lehrstuhl Mikrobiologie
​Gene Regulation by Tetracyclines: Mechanisms and Applications [PDF]

Alik Honigman - The Hebrew University - Israel
CREB Hypoxia and Cancer [PDF]

Lianna Johnson - UCLA
Gene silencing in Arabidopsis [PDF]

Reid Johnson - David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Architecture of the Hin synaptic complex before and after DNA exchange [PDF]

Chinghai Kao - Indiana University
HoxB-13 in Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Development [PDF]

Anna Karls - University of Georgia
Site-specific Recombination and Transposition Mediated by the NovelPiv/MooV DNA Recombinases [PDF]

Russel Karls - University of Georgia
A Possible Role for Sigma Factor C in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Latency [PDF]

Mark Krebs - Illinois State University
Bacteriorhodopsin Biogenesis: from Polypeptide to Membrane Crystal [PDF]

Maria Mendez Lago - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Transposon-based innovative method for sequencing highly repetitive heterochromatic DNA in BAC/oriV clones. [PDF]

V. A. Lanzov - Nuclear Physics Institute Petersburg, Russia
Molecular basis and biological reasons of hyper-recombinogenic activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa RecA protein [PDF]

Lisa Mahnke - Washington University School of Medicine
HIV-2 Vpx: Modeling and Probing Stucture/Function [PDF]

John F Marko - University of Illinois-Chicago
Micromechanical study of proteins interacting with single DNA molecules [PDF]

Lynne Maquat - Univ. of Rochester
Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in mammalian cells: Splicing-dependent degradation that occurs 5'-to-3' and 3'-to-5' as a consequence of a "pioneer" round of translation [PDF]

Patrice Nordmann - Dept. Bacteriology-Virology
Genetics as a source of emerging resistance to antibiotics [PDF]

Martha Peterson - Univ. of Kentucky
RNA Processing Regulation of Immunoglobulin Gene Expression [PDF]

Kathleen Postle - Washington State Univ.
Shuttling between Membranes, a New Energy Transduction Paradigm in Gram Negative Bacteria [PDF]

William Reznikoff - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tn5 transposase as a surrogate for HIV-1 integrase in drug screens [PDF]

Steven Rothstein - University of Guelph
Is there a role for Genomics in Crop Improvement? [PDF]

Anna Marie Skalka - Fox Chase Cancer Center
Suffering the Slings and Arrows: Role of Host Cell Functions in Post-Integration Repair [PDF]

Sally Twining - Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Role Of The Reactive Site Loop In The Function Of Maspin​ [PDF]

Roger Wartell - Georgia Institute of Technology
Identifying RNA binding sites on the E. coli Hfq protein [PDF]

Michael Weinreich - Van Andel Research Institute
The NAD+-dependent Sir2p Histone Deacetylase is a Negative Regulator of Chromosomal DNA Replication [PDF]

Robert Wells - Texas A&M Univ.
Recombination as an Effective Mechanism for Genetic Instabilities of Triplet Repeat Sequences [PDF]

Kelly Winterberg - University of Wisconsin-Madison
In vivo Microarray Screening to Identify Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) Genes Involved in Early Colonization and Infection in Murine Urinary Tract Infections [PDF]

Lewis V. Wray, Jr. - Boston Univ.
Dual roles of Bacillus subtilis glutamine synthetase​ [PDF]

Jerry Yin - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Memory Formation in Drosophila [PDF]