Steenbock Symposium

Harry Steenbock (1886-1967) was a distinguished Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His interests and contributions spanned many areas of nutrition and biochemistry. One of his outstanding achievements was the discovery of the irradiation process for producing vitamin D. To honor Professor Steenbock, the Steenbock Endowment sponsors a symposium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Symposium Year Title
42nd 2022 Opening Doors to Cryo-EM
41st 2021 Splicecon 2021
40th 2018 Epiphanies In and Beyond the RNA World
39th 2018 Iron-Sulfur Proteins—Biogenesis, Regulation and Function
38th 2017 Protein Trafficking in the Secretory Pathway
37th 2014 The Future of Chemical Biology
36th 2014 Enzyme Structure and Function
35th 2011 Advances in Biomolecular NMR
34th 2011 The Metabolism of Lipids: Implications in Human Diseases
33rd 2009 Synthetic Genes to Synthetic Life
32nd 2006 Dynamics of Proteins and Macromolecular Assemblies
31st 2005 Fe-S Proteins: Biogenesis, Structure and Function
30th 2004 Gene Expression, Transposition, Genomic and Other Life Sciences
29th 2003 Coenzymes, Cofactors and Catalysis
28th 2000 Intracellular Protein and Lipid Traffic
27th 1999 Adipocyte Biology and Hormone Signaling
26th 1998 Enzymatic mechanisms
25th 1997 Biosynthesis and function of metal clusters for enzymes
24th 1995 Behavior and signaling in microorganisms
23rd 1994 High Pressure Effects in Molecular Biophysics and Enzymology
22nd 1993 Protein-nucleic acid interactions
21st 1992 Cellular Communication in Plants
20th 1991 Molecular biology of atherosclerosis
19th 1989 Osteoporosis
18th 1988 Hormones, thermogenesis, and obesity
17th 1987 Current advances in vitamin K research
16th 1986 RNA polymerase and the regulation of transcription
15th 1985 Mechanisms of enzymatic reactions
14th 1984 Nitrogen fixation and CO2 metabolism
13th 1983 100 years of agricultural chemistry and biochemistry at Wisconsin
12th 1982 Biochemistry of metabolic processes
11th 1981 Energy coupling in photosynthesis
10th 1980 Osteoporosis--recent advances in pathogenesis and treatment
9th 1979 Ribosomes, structure, function, and genetics
8th 1979 Vitamin K metabolism and vitamin K-dependent proteins
7th 1978 Nitrogen Fixation
6th 1976 Isotope effects on enzyme-catalyzed reactions
5th 1975 CO2 metabolism and plant productivity
4th 1974 Structure and conformation of nucleic acids and protein-nucleic acid interactions
3rd 1973 Trace Element Metabolism in Animals
2nd 1972 DNA Synthesis in Vitro
1st 1969 The Fat Soluble Vitamins