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Biochemistry is the basic science which has as its goal an explanation of life processes in molecular, physical, and chemical terms. It deals with the chemical and physical properties of living matter and chemical changes occurring in living matter. This includes the properties and chemical changes in genes (DNA) generally referred to as molecular biology. The department offers an array of courses from the 100 level to the 900 level.

IPiB Graduate StudentsGraduate Students

The size and breadth of the IPiB graduate program provide unique opportunities for graduate students wanting to pursue a degree in one of the top graduate programs in biochemistry in the nation. Our modern facilities are filled with labs carrying out groundbreaking research in a collaborative, friendly, and inspirational atmosphere. Welcome to the IPiB program and we hope that you can share our enthusiasm for the biochemical sciences!

Undergraduate StudentsUndergraduate Students

UW-Madison Biochemistry graduates are in demand for interesting jobs as participants in research groups in hospitals, medical schools and academic institutions, as well as a large number of different government laboratories and research institutions. There are many opportunities for biochemists in industries concerned with food processing and drug production and in the various areas of the chemical and petroleum industry.