Photo of Laura Kiessling
Nov 01, 2012

The highest honor of the carbohydrate division of the American Chemical Society, the Hudson Award was established in 1946 to recognize outstanding contributions to carbohydrate chemistry in education, research, or applications.

Congratulations Dr. Kiessling.

Photo of Mike Sussman
Oct 23, 2012

In this role, Sussman will head up a small team of Biotech Center scientists that will use modern scientific tools to analyze DNA and protein from the bones, pottery, seeds and other specimens found at the site. These techniques are expected to reveal new information about what life was like for Trojans.

Photo of Ron Raines
Oct 16, 2012

This year the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Innovation Awards program began honoring inventors for the year’s most exceptional UW-Madison inventions. Biochemistry professor Ron Raines and coworker Dr. Kevin Desai submitted one of the six inventions selected as finalists for this year’s awards.

An independent panel selected the six finalists and awarded prizes to two winning inventions from the fiscal year's more than 370 eligible invention disclosures. The panel looked for inventions that provided exciting solutions to important problems and demonstrated great potential for...

Photo of Wes Pike
Oct 10, 2012

The Louis V. Avioli Founders Award honors an ASBMR member for fundamental contributions to bone and mineral basic research.

Congratulations Dr. Pike.

Photo of Mark Meyer
Oct 10, 2012

The award recognizes young investigators who submit top-ranking abstracts to the 2012 ASBMR annual Meeting.

Photo of James Ntambi
Aug 21, 2012

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Award will be given annually to a scientist who encourages effective teaching and learning of biochemistry and molecular biology through his/her own teaching, leadership in education, writing, educational research, mentoring or public enlightenment.

Aug 21, 2012

Ivan Rayment has been appointed to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation named professorships in 2012.

Photo of Aseem Ansari
Aug 21, 2012

An interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, led by Aseem Ansari, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has received a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to fund research into creating synthetic genome "foundries."

Photo of James Ntambi
Aug 01, 2012

James Ntambi has been elected to the Institute of Medicine Food and Nutrition Board. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences and is an independent, nonprofit organization that works outside of government to provide unbiased and authoritative advice to decision makers and the public.

Jun 25, 2012

Dr. J. Wesley Pike has been awarded the Career Award for Vitamin D Research at the 15th Vitamin D Workshop.

Photo of Ron Raines
Jun 20, 2012

A new company co-founded by professor Raines achieves top honor in clean-energy competition

Photo of Curry mural
Jun 04, 2012

A testament to a forward-thinking collaboration between the sciences and arts.

Photo of Dave Pagliarini
Jun 01, 2012

Recipients of the $200,000 Shaw prize are chosen by a panel of prominent scientists from around the country. The annual awards provide needed support to young scientists engaged in groundbreaking research in the fields of genetics, cell biology and cancer research at critical stages in their careers.

Congratulations Dr. Pagliarini.

Photo of Dan Barnish
May 03, 2012

His contribution is summarized by student Zeeshan Ul Haq:

“I believe Dan has the strongest interpersonal skills of any staff member I've ever interacted with, and within the biochemistry department, his reputation speaks for itself. Dan is a unique nominee in that he has created a number of new, effective, and creative incentives for meeting student needs including: the CALS and L&S Science Exploration Workshops, a newsletter for students in Biochemistry, and the new advising system in the Biochemistry department. Dan is also a diehard contributor to the Undergraduate...

Photo of our new building
May 01, 2012

Biochemistry complex blends old with new