Photo of Laura Kiessling
May 28, 2008

This represents the highest level of recognition conferred by the Academy. Fellows of the Wisconsin Academy are elected for their high levels of accomplishment in their fields as well as a lifelong commitment to intellectual discourse.


Congratulations Doctor Kiessling

Photo of Doug Weibel
May 27, 2008

In selecting the Scholars, the Board looked for individuals who have already done important, innovative research and who have the potential for making significant contributions to biological research over an extended period of time.


Congratulations Professor Weibel

Photo of Aseem Ansari
Apr 23, 2008

Aseem Ansari is the recipient of the UW-College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Pound Research Award.

Photo of Laura Kiessling
Apr 07, 2008

Laura Kiessling, Hilldale Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Laurens Anderson Professor of Biochemistry, received the 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship for Chemoselective reactions for biology.

Congratulations Dr. Kiessling

Photo of James Ntambi
Apr 01, 2008

The annual awards recognize excellence in teaching and research.

2008 Vilas Associate Award in the Biological Sciences
2008 Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award

The Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award recognizes faculty and staff who have demonstrated unusual concern for and provided exceptional service to students over and above their regular responsibilities. It was established in honor of the late Arthur Maurer, a professor of poultry science for 28 years who passed away unexpectedly in 1998, by his wife Ellen.

Congratulations Professor Ntambi

Photo of Rick Amasino
Apr 01, 2008

Professor Amasino is recognized for teaching excellence.

2008 Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award
2008 Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award

Photo of Marv Wickens
Apr 01, 2008

Marv Wickens, Max Perutz Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, is among four UW-Madison faculty members to receive 2008 Hilldale Awards

Photo of Doug Weibel
Mar 10, 2008

Congratulations to Dr. Weibel for being awarded a 3M Nontenured Faculty Grant from 3M's Research and Development sector, in partnership with the Corporate Giving Program.

The award recognizes outstanding new faculty for the quality and pertinence of their research, the subject of which is of interest to 3M. With the unrestricted funds offered by this grant, 3M hopes to encourage recipients to remain in the field of academia, teaching, and research.

Feb 28, 2008

Stuart Ballard, 17, a senior at West High School and a participant in the apprenticeship program, is working in the UW-Madison biochemistry department 's Center for Eukaryotic Structural Genomics, which studies proteins. After a year in the lab, he has been given more tasks and greater freedom.

Photo of Judith Kimble
Feb 15, 2008

Judith Kimble has been elected to a three-year term on the Council of the National Academy of Sciences

Photo of Laura Kiessling
Jan 25, 2008

Professor Laura Kiessling has been selected as a recipient of the 2008 Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal from Yale University.

The Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal is an honor presented each year by the Graduate School Alumni Association. The medal recognizes distinguished achievements in scholarship, teaching, academic administration, and public service-all areas in which the legendary Dean Cross excelled

Jan 24, 2008

The Biochemistry Department generously donated to the Child Life program. Child Life benefits sick children (newborn through 18) and their families through a variety of programs to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of the children during a stressful time.


On behalf of the IPiB SFLC, I want to thank all who contributed to our Holiday Gift Drive for the Child Life Program at the American Family Children's Hospital. 

Many of the toys were given to the children during the holidays, with some going to the playrooms and for birthdays. Your generous donations...

CESG logo
Dec 10, 2007

The November 2007 issue of Genome Technology lists NIH major systems biology-related grants awarded to Wisconsin academic and industry-based projects.

The Department of Biochemistry is well-represented, including the largest award in 2007 to CESG.

Dec 04, 2007

Biochemistry professor James Ntambi reports that a gene in the liver, called SCD-1, is what causes mice to gain weight on a diet laden with carbohydrates.

iGEM logo
Nov 20, 2007

An Interdisciplinary team has earned the bronze medal in the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition held at MIT on November 3-4.

Madison's inaugural team consisted of three undergraduate students: Nathan Klapoetke (Electrical Engineering), David Peterson (Genetics), and Sean McMaster (Biochemistry).

For information on joining the 2008 team contact Aseem Ansari, Franco Cerrina (Electrical Engineering), Mike Sussman, or Doug Weibel.