Photo of John Leonard
Apr 10, 2009

Congratulations to John Leonard, Biochemistry undergrad and member of the Ansari Laboratory, for runner-up honor in the Theodore Herfurth and Teddy Kubly Awards for Initiative and Efficiency.

Photo of Sean McMaster
Apr 02, 2009

A Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship has been awarded to Sean McMaster, a junior Biochemistry major, on the basis of academic merit.

Feb 26, 2009

Dr. Raines has provided fundamental insight into the stability of collagen and other proteins; discovered an RNA-cleaving enzyme that is a clinical anti-cancer agent; and developed processes to synthesize proteins and convert biomass into fuels and chemicals. 

image of ASM logo
Feb 23, 2009

Two members of the University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty are among 72 scientists from around the world who have been elected fellows of the American Academy of Microbiology.

Elected as fellows are Ann Palmenberg, a virologist and UW-Madison professor of biochemistry, and M. Thomas Record, a UW-Madison professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

Professor Emeritus William Reznikoff has also been named a fellow.

American Academy of Microbiology fellows are elected annually through a highly selective peer-review process. Election is based on scientific achievement and a...

Photo of a virus
Feb 13, 2009

A multi-institutional team of researchers has deciphered the complete genetic sequences of all of the world's 99 known strains of human rhinovirus, the viruses responsible for the common cold. The sequences provide a detailed blueprint for the virus, showing how new strains develop and revealing pressure points that may lead to new antiviral drugs. Here, a rhinovirus particle at atomic resolution is superimposed over a representation of the RNA molecule that encodes the virus genome

Photo of Ron Raines
Feb 11, 2009

Taking a chemical approach, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a two-step method to convert the cellulose in raw biomass into a promising biofuel. The process, which is described in the Wednesday, Feb. 11 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, is unprecedented in its use of untreated, inedible biomass as the starting material.

Shine award logo
Nov 18, 2008

This year's scholarships are awarded to:
Nidhi Doshi, John Leonard, Jia Luo, Ramanathan Muthukumar, and Khian Pua.


iGem logo
Nov 12, 2008

Working on a current scientific issue with cutting-edge technology is unusual for an undergraduate. But not for the Wisconsin iGEM team, a group of 11 University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduates researching biofuels for a synthetic biology competition.

Photo of 900mHz NMR magnet
Aug 06, 2008

When a heparin scare nearly brought a Wisconsin drug manufacturer's work to a grinding halt earlier this year, only a few places in the country could offer the kind of help the company needed to get going again.

Fortunately, one of them was just down the road on UW-Madison's campus.

Known as the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison (NMRFAM), the research lab occupies a breathtakingly expansive room in the basement of the Biochemistry Addition building. There, it houses several large machines, known as NMR spectrometers, that can be used to study the structure of...

Photo of Rick Amasino
Aug 01, 2008

Hilldale Professorships are given to faculty who excel in scholarly activity and have records of outstanding research and show promise of continued productivity.

Congratulations Dr. Amasino on being selected for this honor. We are grateful for your many contributions to the University.

UW Crest
Jul 15, 2008

Congratulations Young Biochemists:
Sean McMaster (Weibel Lab)
Anneka Wiersma (Clagett-Dame Lab)
Charles Burns (Weibel Lab)
Khian Hong Pua (Raines Lab)
Sarit Klugman (Cox Lab)
Timothy Wendorf (Record Lab)

Photo of Doug Weibel
Jul 15, 2008

The 2008 ICAAC Young Investigator Awards recognize and reward early-career scientists for their research excellence and potential in microbiology and infectious diseases.


Congratulations Dr. Weibel

Photo of Aseem Ansari
Jul 15, 2008

Career award: Exploring the Role of Kin28/Cdk7 in Triggering Sequential Histone and Polymerase Modifications

Congratulations Professor Ansari

Photo of Paul Cook
Jun 26, 2008

Paul Cook has been chosen to receive the Louis and Elsa Thomsen Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship based on his excellent academic performance and research productivity during his graduate studies.

Photo of Clayton Carlson
Jun 25, 2008

A class act!

The Graduate Mentoring Award honors a Biochemistry student who consistently provides quality guidance and scientific training in mentoring undergraduate students in their research efforts.  This year's Mentoring Award is awarded to Clay Carlson of the Ansari lab.