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Jul 06, 2007

The award, in the neighborhood of $125 million over five years, establishes the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC), where scientists and engineers will conduct basic research toward a suite of new technologies to help convert cellulosic plant biomass - cornstalks, wood chips and perennial native grasses - to sources of energy for everything from cars to electrical power plants.

Photo of Chris Weise
Jul 05, 2007

Chris Wiese has been awarded a five-year NSF CAREER grant, which is awarded to early career faculty for creative projects that integrate research and teaching.

Christiane Wiese, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry has been awarded a five-year CAREER Award by the National Science Foundation - "Molecular analysis of gamma TuRC structure and function". This Faculty Early Career Development Program Grant is awarded to early career faculty for creative projects that integrate research and teaching. Wiese will study the centrosome, a tiny organelle that plays a crucial function in cell...

Photo of Ron Raines
Jun 08, 2007

The American Peptide Society has given biochemistry professor Ron Raines its biennial "Makineni Lectureship" award. Recognizing individuals who have made an exceptional, recent contribution to the field of peptide science. Raines'  work on synthetic collagen, which he published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2006, earned him the honor.

Photo of Marv Wickens
Jun 07, 2007

The RNA Society Service Award is given in appreciation of outstanding service to the RNA community.

The overall mission of the RNA Society is to facilitate sharing and dissemination of experimental results and emerging concepts in RNA research. Each year the Board of Directors identifies the recipient of this award who has made exemplary contributions to these goals.

Congratulations Dr. Wickens

Photo of Ian Lewis
May 29, 2007

The Graduate Mentoring Award honors a Biochemistry student who consistently provides quality guidance and scientific training in mentoring undergraduate students in their research efforts.  This year's Mentoring Award is awarded to Ian Lewis.  Ian is carrying out pioneering research on isotope-assisted, NMR-based metabolomics.  Ian has named his group which consists of 6 undergraduates "Team Metabolon."  He and his undergraduates have amassed a collection of ~725 small molecule metabolites and, with assistance from a postdoc, Qiu Cui, have begun collecting 5-6 NMR spectra from each...

Photo of Ed Huttlin
May 29, 2007

This award is intended to recognize a Biochemistry graduate student who has consistently shown evidence of quality, commitment, and innovation in teaching.  This year's Graduate Teaching Excellence Award is awarded to Ed Huttlin.  Ed was an outstanding TA for two years in Biochemistry 651, the undergraduate lab course.  As part of his responsibilities, he led the gel filtration experiment.  Ed gave clear and informative lectures to the class of about 60 students for three weeks and he also instructed the other TAs in how to do the experiments; so that they could teach their respective...

Photo of Chris Warren
May 29, 2007

The Sigrid Leirmo Award is given to a graduate student or postdoctoral student who best exemplifies the spirit of Sigrid Leirmo. Sigrid received her PhD degree in Biochemistry in 1989 and was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Bacteriology when she died tragically in an accident in 1990.  This award acknowledges a graduate student or postdoctoral student who is acknowledged by her/his peers and advisors as one who displays clear promise as a research scientist.  Most importantly, the award is to be designated in appreciation of the student's consistent willingness to...

Photo of Tom Martin
May 03, 2007

Professor Thomas Martin was recently selected to be the Earl W. Sutherland Professor of Biochemistry starting July 1, 2007.

Photo of Laura Kiessling
May 02, 2007

Laura Kiessling is among 72 new fellows admitted to the 144-year old academy in recognition of their distinguished achievements and ongoing contributions to original research.

Photo of Tom Record
May 01, 2007

Tom Record has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Photo of Bill Reznikoff
Apr 27, 2007

Professor William Reznikoff (a.k.a. Bill and "Rez"), will be retiring from the university after 37 years of service with the Department of Biochemistry. His official retirement date is July 28. There will be a reception on May 16 at 3:30 in the Biochemistry Addition Atrium. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Photo of Cheryl Adams
Apr 02, 2007

Cheryl Adams is being honored with College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Classified Staff Recognition Award.

Photo of U.S. News journal cover
Mar 30, 2007

UW-Madison's Biochemistry graduate program continues to rank in the top ten, according to the 2008 issue of America's Best Graduate Schools, published by U.S. News and World Report.

Photo of Perry Frey
Mar 29, 2007

Perry Frey, professor of biochemistry, is one of four UW-Madison faculty members to receive 2007 Hilldale Awards. The annual awards recognize excellence in teaching, research and service.

Photo of Laura Kiessling
Mar 26, 2007

By mimicking Nature's way of distinguishing one type of cell from another, University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists now report they can more effectively seek out and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.