Biochemical Sciences Building Room 1220 Audio/Visual Tutorial

Our AV system was installed, tested and put into use for the Spring of 2012. All equipment is maintained by the department Media Lab. Please contact us (2-0622) with questions, problems and other issues that might need addressing.

We highly suggest that you check out the system well before the start time of the talk. No one likes surprises. Failed equipment or misuse just makes the department look bad. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO CALL FOR HELP!

Most functions in room 1220 are controllable from the black touch panel on the northwest and southwest walls, 15 pin video cable is mounted to the wall beneath the controls.

Start-up looks like this:

photo of interface

If you are using your own computer, connect it with the attached video cable (and audio if needed) and start-up or wake-up the computer.

Push the Display>On button. Push the "PC" button if it is not already selected. The screen will automatically lower.

photo of interface for PC connectivity

The house DVD player is located in the cabinet along the inside wall near the sink. A remote should also be in the cabinet. Insert your dvd into the tray and use the remote for play, pause, chapter selection.

Push the DVD button on the control panel to route the DVD signal to the projectors and audio amplifiers

photo of interface for dvd

If you are presenting in both rooms, use the 1220A side for your a/v source. To send your audio signal to both rooms, push the "ROOM LINK" button.

Users can control the volume with the VOLUME knob. Avoid overloading the system by never pushing the volume to red!

photo of too hot audio signal

Push the OFF button for 2 seconds to power down the system when you are finished.