HFD Biochemical Sciences Room 1211 Audio/Visual Tutorial

Our AV system was installed, tested and put into use for the Spring of 2012. All equipment is maintained by the department MediaLab. Please contact us (262-0622) with questions, problems and other issues that might need addressing.

We highly suggest that you check out the system well before the start time of the talk. No one likes surprises. Failed equipment or misuse just makes the department look bad. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO CALL FOR HELP!

Most functions in room 1211 are controllable from the touch panel on the podium, 15 pin video cable and audio mini-plug is accessed on the top of the console.

The touch panel is generally asleep when beginning.

Image of AMX controller sleep window

Touch the screen to awaken.

photo of on or off screen

Push the ON button. Start-up looks like this:

Photo of projection mode selections

SINGLE or DUAL PROJECTOR modes are possible, that allows for presentation and recording. This can be changed in the advanced pages once you are in the system.
AUDIO ONLY is for amplified speakers only (but does allow users to switch to projecting). This is the interface:

photo of audio only screen

ADVANCED PAGES allows you to control the lighting, sound levels and projectors:

photo of advanced controls

Pushing the LEFT PROJ and RIGHT PROJ buttons powers on and off the projectors and raises and lowers the screens. Be advised that cool-down and start-up of the projectors takes time. If you shut a projector unit down it will take a minute before you will be able to reuse it.

AUDIO adjustments; PROGRAM is the sound from your computer, or DVD player.

photo of audio controls

LIGHTING control offers six presets

photo of lighting controls

In LECTURE CAPTURE mode, the projectors will start-up and screens will lower automatically. This is the LECTURE CAPTURE control interface:

photo of lecture capture controls

Basic A/V functions are to select a source on the left of the screen and then a destination; LEFT PROJ and/or RIGHT PROJ.

To use the DVR (for capturing lecture) or VHS tapes, press DVR/VHS and then pick a projector. VHS controls:

photo of dvr interface

To use the DVR for recording, please follow these instructions.

To project your laptop presentation, choose LAPTOP and a projector

photo of laptop connect interface

The DOCUMENT CAMERA is located in the pull-out drawer on the right side of the console. It is capable of projecting non-digital files, photos, objects, and text.

photo of console and document camera cabinet

The cabinet door should not be locked, open door downward and pull out the drawer.

photo of documnet camera

Extend the camera head vertically.

photo of document camera

Document camera interface

image of document camera control interface

Controls on the camera itself work better, users can zoom and freeze their documents being projecting.

photo of document camera head controls

A backlight option is also available for transparencies

photo of backlight controls

When done, please fold down the document arm, flip the two slider locks on the drawer to park the camera back in the presentation console.

photo of dcocument camera latches

photo of opening latches

The CAMERA option controls a camera that is located on the back wall of the lecture hall. The camera can be used to record <link> talks to the DVR unit.

photo of Camera interface

The DVD player can be used to display DVD videos

image of dvd controls

The MENU button allows users to control the players cursor controls

image of dvd control interface

Please shutdown the equipment upon completion of lecture

image of on/off screen