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Photo of Plant Cell cover
Photo of Soft Matter cover
Cover Submissions
Photo of Molecular Cell cover
Photo of Organic&Biomolecular Chemistry
Photo of PNAS cover
Journal of Nutrition Cover Prototypes
Photo of Journal of Nutrition cover prototype
Photo of Journal of Nutrition cover prototype
Final Production Design
Photo of Journal of Nutrition cover
Photo of Journal of Nutrition cover


Science Illustration
Illustration of retroviral life cycle
Illustration of RecA reaction
Image of ribonucleaseIllustration of RuvA/RuvB interaction


Homepage Designs

Photo of Weibel lab homepage

Photo of EM Group homepage

Photo of IPiB homepage

Photo of 2010 Project homepage

Photo of American Society of Virology meeting

Photo of Structural Biology homepage



Cool Science
Photo of mice embryo

Photo of Weibel lab chips

Photo of Weibel lab fluid dynamics

Photo of Record lab research photo composite

Photo of Doug Weibel study of scents

Photo of Raines lab research demonstration

Photo of Cox lab research

Photo of nmr tubes

Photo of chemistry lab prep

Photo of senes lab research documentation

Group Shots
Photo of Bednarek groupPhoto of Wickens group

Photo of Cox groupPhoto of Menon group

Students in action
Photo of BrandonPhoto of Chris
Photo of JackiePhoto of Janeen
Photo of JeremiahPhoto of Julia
Photo of KimPhoto of Wes and Lee
Photo of LianaPhoto of Mark
Photo of Jeremiah and NickPhoto of Ron and Brian


Photo of logo prototypes
Photo of Deltanoid logo
Photo of logo prototypes
Photo of logo prototype
Photo of BIF logo
Photo of CBIT logo
Photo of ISBA logo
Photo of Project Crystal logo and shirt design


Photo of ASV Meeting book
Photo of Smithies Lecture poster
Promotional Posters
Photo of Green series poster
Photo of Steenbock series poster
Photo of Everson series poster
Photo of Everson poster
Photo of Everson poster
Photo of Virology faculty search ad
Photo of NIH training poster
Photo of research poster
Photo of Steenbock meeting book

Scientific Posters
Photo of scientific poster Photo of poster Photo of poster

Photo of ASV postcard

Mug Art
Photo of mug art layout

Project Crystal Placemat
Photo of Project Crystal placematPhoto of Devon Harris with placemat
Yes, that's New Jersey Nets star Devin Harris!

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