Khorana Auditorium (HFD Biochem Labs 175) AV Tutorial

All equipment is maintained by the department MediaLab. Please contact us (262-0622) with questions, problems and other issues that might need addressing. There is a phone with campus only access in the front of the room.

We highly suggest that you check out the system well before the start time of the talk. No one likes surprises. Failed equipment or misuse just makes the department look bad. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO CALL FOR HELP!

Equipment includes: A dual-boot iMac computer that runs both the macOS and Windows, microphone, overhead projector. There is also a programmable lighting system.

Most functions in room 175 are controllable from the black touch panel on the lectern.

photo of touch panel

The touch panel has a "sleep" mode is generally completely dark when you begin. A single firm touch on the screen will bring up this window

image of touch panel wake up

Users can control the lights and the projection screen from here if they have limited needs.

Touch the Lights button and you will have these controls

image of light settings

Touching the Screen button gives users these options

image of interface screen only

Touching the "TOUCH HERE TO BEGIN" button launches the system

image of startup screen

image of warmup screen

image of interface at start up

The four white buttons across the top are your source options:
Laptop- for external computers that users plug into the 15 pin VGA cable on the console
iMac- for the house dual-boot computer
HDMI- routes HDMI signal from the front of the console (cable is in the drawer at right, knee level)
DisplayPort- routes display port signal from the front of the console (cable is in the drawer at right, knee level)

For Laptop mode, plug in your laptop and press the Laptop button. This works best if the laptop is off, or asleep.

image of interface with laptop connect

To use the house iMac, press the iMac button, and awaken the computer by moving the mouse or touching the keyboard. Generally the iMac starts in the Macintosh operating system.

You will need your UW NetID + and password to log.

If you wish to boot in the Windows operating system, hold the Option key while restarting and select the Windows icon.

To use an HDMI video connector, click the HDMI button, and connect the cable (from the drawer) to the input port on the console.

interface with HDMI connect

To use a display port video connector, click the DisplayPort button, and connect the cable (from the drawer) to the input port on the console.

image of display port connectivity

If you are using a microphone you can adjust the levels with the Mic arrow up/arrow down buttons. You can also mute the audio if needed before, during or after your talk.

image of interface volume control

If your presentation has audio, you may need to adjust the Program audio in the system. Arrow up or down to change levels, mute if needed.

image of program audio control

Users can also mute the projection if needed

image of mute button

The screen can be controlled from the right side of the system menu

image of screen control

There is also access to the lighting presets from the system menu

image of lighting control interface

Please be sure to shut off the system power when you are done with the equipment.

image of power off switch

A second prompt occurs

image of shut down warning

And finally

image of final shut down screen