Connecting to the MediaLab HP M750 color laser printer

For Windows users:
See if this link works for you and you can pickup at step 3, if not start at step 1.
Point your web browser to then type "D3L09A" into the search field and click next.
Click Software and Driver Downloads.
Select your Operating System from the drop down list and click Next.
Click the Drivers link and choose the option for "HP Color LaserJet M750"
Wait for your download to complete and run the installer.
Run through the installer and when prompted choose the option of the wired or networked printer, not directly connected with USB.
The installer will then scan the network for the printer. There should be only one result, and its IP should be Select it and let the installer finish.

For Mac users:
Open System Preferences
Go to Print & Fax
Unlock the window by clicking the lock in the lower left corner and authenticate with an admin account
Click the + button on the bottom of the list of the left.
Type "media" in the search field and choose the "Media Lab HP Color LaserJet M750"
Wait for the computer to connect to the printer and click Add.