How to shrink a PDF's file size
Mac OS X

PDF files created with OS X can become quite large because an application may have inserted proprietary code into the file. To strip out this information and greatly reduce your PDF's file size, follow these instructions.

NSF FastLane:
These instructions will also convert an Acrobat 6 PDF file into an Acrobat 4 or 5 PDF file.

Open the PDF file in Acrobat 6.0
From the Advanced Menu choose PDF Optimizer

image of pdf optimizer

In the PDF Optimizer window click on the Compatible with: drop down menu and choose Acrobat 5.0 and later.
Match all of the settings in the window below, 300 pixels/inch for..., etc.

image of pdf settings window

Click on the Clean Up tab.
Match all of the check boxes in the window below.
Click OK.

image of clean up window

The Save Optimized As window will open.
The computer will ask you to give your PDF file a name (please name it xxxxx.pdf) and choose a location to save it in. If this pdf file will ever end up on a web server for people to download you must have the file end in ".pdf".

image of save as window