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Photo of Kirsten DicksonKirsten Dickson

B.S. Indiana University, Biochemistry
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry, 1995-2000
Post-doctoral fellow Department of Neuroscience, Center for Neuroscience, U. of Edinburgh, Scotland (Dr. Seth Grant)



N. K. Gray, J.M. Coller, K. Dickson and M. Wickens. In Press. Multiple portions of poly(A)-binding protein stimulate translation in vivo. EMBO J.

A. F. Barkoff, K.S. Dickson, N.K. Gray and Marvin Wickens. 2000. Translational control of cyclin B1 mRNA during meiotic maturation: coordinated repression and cytoplasmic polyadenylation. Developmental Biology 220, 97-109.

Kirsten Dickson, S., Bilger, A., Ballantyne, Scott and Wickens, Marvin. 1999. CPSF in X. laevis oocytes: A cytoplasmic factor involved in regulated polyadenylation. Mol. & Cell. Biol. 19, 5707-5717.