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Photo of Jeff CollerJeff Coller

B.S. University of Michigan-Flint, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry
Post-doctoral fellow University of Arizona-Tucson
Assistant Professor, Center for RNa Molecular Biology, Case Western Reserve University



N. K. Gray, J.M. Coller, K. Dickson and M. Wickens. Multiple portions of poly(A)-binding protein stimulate translation in vivo. EMBO J. 19, pp. 4723-4733. [PDF] [Supplement] [PubMed]

Jeffrey M. Coller, Nicola K. Gray and Marvin Wickens. 1998. mRNA stabilization by poly(A) binding protein is independent of poly(A) and requires translation. Genes Dev. 12, 3226-3235. [PDF] [PubMed]