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photo of Cameron LuitjensCameron Luitjens

B.S. University of North Dakota, Biology


I work on a conserved family of proteins called CPEBs that have been implicated in translational regulation during oogenesis in many organisms. C. elegans has four CPEB homologues that appear to have diverged in function to regulate distinct steps of spermatogenesis. One of them, fog-1, specifies germ cells to adopt the sperm cell fate, while another, cpb-1, is required for sperm to progress through meiosis. In evolutionary terms, I would like to know how and why the switch from oogenesis to spermatogenesis took place; in molecular terms, a key issue is the identification of the specific mRNA targets that each regulator controls.


C. Luitjens, M. Gallegos, B. Kraemer, J. Kimble and M. Wickens. 2000. CEPB proteins control two key steps in spermatogenesis in C. elegans. Genes Dev. 14, 2596-2609. [PDF] [PubMed]

Cameron Luitjens and Judith Kimble (in press) PUF proteins and 3'UTR regulation in the C. elegans germline Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology, 2001.

image of germ cell interaction