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Photo of the Weibel group,November 2015
Weibel Lab, November 2015

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Douglas B. Weibel, Ph.D.

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Kathleen Gierhart

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Brenner photo

Katie Brenner, Ph.D.

NIH NRSA Postdoctural Fellow 
Hartwell Postdoctoral
L'Oreal USA for Women in Science Fellow

Postdoctoral fellow; Ph.D., Caltech

Project(s): Developing diagnostics and assays to protect human health.

Email: skbrenner@wisc.edu 

Crooks photo

John Crooks

WARF Graduate Research Fellow
William H. Peterson Fellow

Graduate student; Integrated Program in Biochemistry

Project(s): Studying lipids in strained bilayer membranes; methods for controlling membrane curvature.

Email: jcrooks@wisc.edu

Photo of Will Gross

 Will Gross

Undergraduate Student 

Project(s): Engineering Bacteria for Biomaterials Production (Mentor: Ti-Yu)

Email: wsgross@wisc.edu

Photo of Stacy (Yin Chun) Lin

Stacy (Yin Chun) Lin

Undergraduate Student

Project(s): Rcs phosphorelay activation in phospholipid mutants (Mentor: Julia)

Email: lin254@wisc.edu

Photo of Julia Nepper

Julia Nepper

Graduate student; Biophysics
NSF Graduate Research Fellow; NIH Trainee in Molecular Biophysics

Project(s): Studying bacterial membranes.

Email: jnepper@wisc.edu

Photo of Landen Nickel

Landen Nickel

Undergraduate Student

Project(s): Engineering Bacteria for Biomaterials Production (Mentor: Ti-Yu)

Email: lanickel@wisc.edu

Santos photo

Thiago Santos

Louis and Elsa Thomsen Wisconsin Distinguished Fellowship

Graduate student; Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

Project(s): Deciphering mechanisms of chemoreceptor localization in bacteria; chemical biology studies in bacteria; antibiotic mechanisms.

Email: tsantos@wisc.edu

Emily Sheely photo 

Emily Sheely

Undergraduate student; Chemical and Biological Engineer

Project(s): Developing diagnostics of metabolites in premature infants.
(Mentor: Katie B.)

Email: esheely@wisc.edu


Sydney Slosar 

Undergraduate student

Project(s): Diaper study (Mentor: Katie B.)

Email: slosar@wisc.edu

Photo of Ian Sparks

Ian Sparks

Undergraduate student; Chemical biology studies in bacteria

Project(s): Environmental control of bacterial cell division (Mentor: Thiago)

Email: isparks@wisc.edu


Photo of Matthew Stilwell

Matthew Stilwell

Graduate student; Biophysics
NIH Trainee in Molecular Biophysics

Project(s): Developing and implementing microfluidic systems for bacterial phenotype analysis.

Email: mstilwell@wisc.edu

Photo of Rishi Trivedi

Rishi Trivedi

Graduate student; Biophysics

Project(s): Studying the interaction of bacterial and mitochondrial proteins with anionic phospholipids.

Email: rrtrivedi@wisc.edu