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Postdoctoral Fellows

Shane Flickinger, Ph.D. (2008-2010); currently: hydrology technician, US Forestry Service
Linda Hu, Ph.D. (2013-2016); currently: postdoc, Northwestern University
Siseon Lee, Ph.D. (2015-2016); currently: postdoc, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology
Rina Maeda, Ph.D. (2013-2015); currently: assistant professor, University of Tokyo
Piercen Oliver, Ph.D. (2011-2014); currently: senior scientist, Nano Terra, Inc.
Lars Renner, Ph.D. (2013-2014); currently: group leader, Leibniz Research Institute
Pedro Resto, Ph.D. (2012-2013); currently: assistant professor, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Kelly Schwartz, Ph.D. (2014-2016); currently: postdoc, UW-Madison
Vladimir Smeianov, Ph.D. (2009-2012); currently: assistant professor, Russian National Research Medical University
Jindong Zan, Ph.D. (2013-2015); currently: Becton, Dickinson and Company
Maoquan Zhou, Ph.D. (2009-2012); currently: Pharmaceutical Product Development


Adam Siegel, Ph.D. (2012-2013); currently: principal, Amazon.com, Inc.

Research Assistants

Basu Bhattacharyya (2006-2009); currently: lecturer, UW-La Crosse
Andy Braasch (2008-2010); currently: research assistant, UW-Madison
Katie Gierhart (2013-2017); currently: teacher, TBD
Mariko Hasebe (2009); currently: L’Oreal
Michael Killoran (2015-2016); currently: senior scientist, Promega
Kelsey Veserat (2016); currently: Baxter International
So Yim (2009-2010); currently: Korean Air
Zhou Zhong (2012-2013); currently: graduate student, University of Pittsburgh

Graduate Students

George Auer, Ph.D. (2009-2016); currently: scientist, Emerald Cloud Lab
Matthew Copeland, Ph.D. (2006-2012); currently: Proctor and Gamble
Jenna Eun, Ph.D. (2007-2012); currently: Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Marie Foss, Ph.D. (2007-2012); currently: senior scientist, Neuralexo
Jack Ho, M.S. (2010-2012); currently: Elektra, Hong Kong
Brandon Hoover, Ph.D. (2013-2016); currently: graduate student, UW-Madison
Katie Hurley, Ph.D. (2012-2016); currently: scientist, MinDERA
Corinne Lipscomb, Ph.D. (2006-2007); currently: scientist, 3M
Purba Mukerjee, M.S. (2009-2010); currently: Center for Biological Diversity
Abishek Muralimohan, M.S. (2007-2009); currently: Microsoft
Daniel Pauw, M.S. (2010-2012); currently: graduate student, University of Maryland
Manohary Rajendarm, Ph.D. (2009-2015); currently: postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University
Rishi Trivedi Ph.D. (2012-2017); currently: scientist, Dow Chemical Company
Hannah Tuson, Ph.D. (2006-2012); currently: postdoctoral fellow, University of Michigan
Abbey Vangeloff, M.S. (2007-2008); currently: Yahara Software
Na Yin, M.S. (2012-2014); currently: Shanghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Earl Yoon, M.S. (2012-2014); currently: adjunct instructor, College of Southern Nevada

Undergraduate Students

Tristan Abbott (2012); currently: graduate student, MIT
Samantha Anderson (2013); currently: graduate student, UW-Madison
Brice Blahnik (2015-2016); currently: dental school, University of Michigan
Endia Blunt (2013); currently: graduate student, Cornell University
Charlie Burns (2006-2009); currently: MD student, Rush Medical College
Gabriel Carneiro (2015); currently: graduate student, Universidade de Brasilia
Nate Cira (2011); currently: Junior Fellow, Rowland Institute at Harvard
Maddie Ebert (2016-2017); currently: TBD
Mila Elich (2011-2012); currently: graduate student: Scripps Research Institute
Katherine Faulkner (2013-2016); currently: research assistant, Medical University of SC
Crystal De Jesus (2016); currently: graduate student, Colorado State University
Lucy Jiang (2013/2015); currently: undergraduate student, UW-Madison
Mariko Hasebe (2007-2009); currently: scientist, L’Oreal
Victoria Heinrich (2013-2016); currently: medical/graduate student, University of Pittsburgh
Danielle Kay (2014-2016); currently: TBD
Matthew Lammers (2012-2016); currently: medical student, Washington University in St. Louis, Medical School
Brad Maerz (2014-2016); currently: associate research specialist, UW department of Family Medicine & Community Health
Sean McMaster (2006-2010); currently: physician
Joseph Molenda (2006-2009); currently: neurosurgeon
Madhusudan Rajendran (2012-2015); currently: graduate student, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Bradley Reynolds (2013-2016); currently: medical student
Soren Rozema (2016); currently: undergraduate student, UW-Madison
Ryan Sacotte (2009-2013); currently: medical student, Northwestern
Hannah Sandock (2010-2012); currently: TBD
Eva Serem (2012); currently: TBD
Ian Sparks (2016-2017); currently: graduate student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kristy Stevlingson (2013-2016); currently: teacher, AmeriCorps: National Health Corps
Kelsey Thornton (2008-2012); currently: graduate student, Ohio State University
Sonia Trevino-Dopatka (2008-2012); currently: teacher's assistant, Boulder, Colorado
Peter Vander Velden (2009-2013); currently: TBD
Tae Won (Bryce) Kim (2007-2008); currently: TBD
Zhou Zhong (2011-2012); currently: graduate student, University of Pittsburgh

High School Students

Susan Huang;(2007); currently: Nadastra Inc.
John Ntambi (2010); currently: TBD
Norah Ntambi (2011); currently: medical student, UW-Madison
Jake Pfund (2014); currently: TBD
Peter Vander Velden (2007); currently: TBD
Sarah Schroeder (2009); currently: TBD

Visiting Scientists

Sergio Lopera (2010-2011) University of Sao Paolo
Ignacio Cabrera (2009-2010) University of Chile; Eduardo Neale-Silva Scholar
Tomasz Kaminski (summer, 2009) Institute for Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
Monika Pyzalska (summer, 2010) Institute for Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
Lili Sun (2016); currently: postdoctoral fellow, Polish Academy of Sciences
Jean-Marie Swiecicki (2010) Ecole Normale Superieure; currently: postdoctoral fellow, MIT
Andy Utada (2009) Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo; currently: engineer, Bio-Rad Laboratories
Judyta Wegrzyn (summer, 2010) Institute for Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

Visiting Faculty

Robert Mitchell (2015-2016) ULSAN; South Korea
Erick Strauss (2013) Stellenbosh University; South Africa
Sen Hou (2016) Polish Academy of Science; Warsaw

Visiting Educators

Troy Dassler (summers, 2008-2011); currently: senior outreach specialist, UW-Madison, WI
Noah Edelstein (summer 2013, 2014); currently: teacher, O'Keefe Middle School, WI
Melissa Hemling (summer 2012); currently: teacher, Beaver Dam High School, WI
Iris Leske (summer 2011); currently: teacher, Aldo Leopold Elementary School, WI
Portia Meyer (summers 2010, 2011); currently: teacher, Glendale Elementary School, WI
Wendy Zucker (summer 2010); currently: teacher, Aldo Leopold Elementary School, WI