2019    Chhabra, Munish (Biophysics)  Scientist, Molecular Assemblies, San Diego CA

2017    Cheng, Xian (Biophysics)  Scientist, UTSW Medical Center Dallas TX

2016    Sengupta, Rituparna (Biophysics)  Senior Biophysicist, SPSD Division, 3 M Corp., St.

                  Paul MN

2015    Sreenivasan, Raashi (Biophysics)  Scientist, RAPT Therapeutics, San Francisco CA

2014    Ruff, Emily F (Chemistry) Asst. Professor (Chemistry) Winona State Univ, Winona,MN

2013    Knowles, Benjamin (IPiB)  Formerly Scientist, UTSW Medical Center, Dallas TX

2013    Guinn, Emily Jeannette (Chemistry) Scientist, Eli Lilly Corp., Indianapolis IN

2012    Heitkamp, Sara Elizabeth (IPiB) Scientist, Thermo Fisher Corp., San Diego CA

2012    Drennan, Amanda Christine (IPIB) Scientist at PPD Laboratories in Madison

2010    Gries, Theodore J (IPiB) Scientist, State of WI DOJ Crime Laboratory, Madison WI

2008    Anderson, Melissa  (Biophysics)  Formerly Instructor (Chemistry), UW LaCrosse

2008    Koh, Junseock (Biophysics)  Asst. Professor (Biophysical Chemistry) Seoul National

                 University, South Korea

2007    Cannon, Jonathan G (Biophysics) Assoc. Professor (Biochemistry), Middle Georgia

                 State University, Macon GA

2007    Pegram, Laurel M (Chemistry) Scientist, U Colorado Boulder

2007    Davis, Caroline A (Biochemistry)  Scientist, Roche Sequencing Solutions, Madison WI

2007    Vander Meulen, Kirk A  (Biochemistry) Scientist, Invenra Biotechnology in Madison

2006      Kontur, Wayne (Chemistry) Scientist, UW Madison

2004      Hong, Jiang (Biochemistry)  Lecturer, Shanghai Univ (Shanghai, China)

2003      Ballin, Jeff D (Chemistry) Researcher (Biochemistry) U. Maryland. Med. School,

                 Baltimore, MD

2003      Raffaelle, Marni (Biochemistry) Formerly Researcher, UW Madison

2003      Felitsky, Daniel J (Biochemistry) Director of Biology, Pyxis Oncology, Boston MA

2001    Holbrook, Jill Anne MD/PhD (Biochemistry)  Researcher, Dept of Neurology, Ulm

                  University, Ulm, Germany

2000    Courtenay, Elizabeth (Bacteriology) Instructor (Chemistry) Wellesley Coll., Wellesley, MA

1999    Ni, Haihong (Chemistry) Director of Computational Chemistry, BioDuro, Beijing, China

1998    Li, Man (Biochemistry)  No information

1998    Tsodikov, Oleg (Biophysics) Professor (Pharmacy), Univ. Kentucky, Lexington, KY   

1997    Frank, Diane Elizabeth (Biochemistry) No information

1996    Zhang, Wentao (Chemistry) Founder and president of Quintara Discovery, San Mateo, CA

1996    Craig, Maria Lee (Biochemistry) Assoc Prof (Chemistry) Mary Baldwin Univ, Staunton, VA

1996    McQuade, Kristi L (Biochemistry) Assoc Professor (Biochemistry) Bradley Univ, Peoria, IL

1995    Schlax, Peter (Biophysics)  Science and Data Librarian, Bates College, Lewiston, ME

1995    Levandoski, Mark Michael (Biochemistry) Professor (Chemistry), Grinnell College,         

                 Grinnell, IA

1994    Stein, Veronica Margaret (Chemistry), Professor of Chemistry, Hagerstown Community

                 College, Hagerstown MD

1994    Schlax, Paula Jean (Chemistry), Professor (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Bates College,

                 Lewiston, ME

1994    Guttman, Harry Joel (Chemistry)  Patent Lawyer, Cincinnati, OH

1993    Law, Scott Michael (Biochemistry)  Formerly Scientist, Third Wave, Madison

1993    Suh, Won-Chul (Chemistry) Formerly Scientist, Dupont Corp.

1992    Livingstone, Jeffrey (Biochemistry) CEO, Igia Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

1991    Cayley, Dale Scott (CMB) Formerly Scientist, UW Madison

1991    Spolar, Ruth Margaret (Chemistry) Scientist, Rockefeller Univ.

1991    Olmsted, Martha Corbett (Chemistry) Formerly Scientist, U. Colorado Denver

1990    Ha, Jeung Hoi (Biochemistry) Senior Scientist (Biochemistry), SUNY Upstate Med Center,

                 Syracuse NY

1990    Beutel, Bruce Aaron (CMB) Chief Strategy and Business Officer, Dewpoint Therapeutics

                 Boston MA 

1990    Fisher, Matthew Alan (Biochemistry) Professor of Chemistry, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe PA

1989    Paulsen, Mark Douglas (Chemistry), Professor, Dept. Head (Chemistry), Northern

                Michigan Univ., Marquette MI

1989    Leirmo, Sigrid L. (Biochemistry) Scientist, UW Madison (Deceased)

1989    Bellomy, Gregory R (Biochemistry) Senior Corporate Counsel, Bristol-Myers Squibb, New

                 York, NY

1988    Padmanabhan, S (Biochemistry) Scientist, Instituto de Quimica Fisica “Rocasolano”,

                 Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 28006 Madrid, Spain

1986      Mazur, Sharlyn (Chemistry)  Staff Scientist, NCI, NIH, Bethesda MD

1986      Roe, Jung-Hye (CMB) Professor (Microbiology), Seoul National Univ. 

1985      Mills, Pamela (Chemistry) Professor (Chemistry), Hunter College, CUNY, New York, NY

1985      Mossing, Michael C. (CMB) Professor (Biochemistry) U. Mississippi, Oxford MS

1983      Chang, Ding Kwo (Chemistry), Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taipai City, Taiwan

1983      Klein, Barbara Kure (Chemistry) Formerly Scientist, Monsanto, St. Louis MO (Deceased)

1983      Unger, Laura (Chemistry) Formerly at IUPU, Indianapolis IN

1982      Shaner, Sandra (Chemistry) Senior Patent Agent, Cantor Colburn, Hartford, CT.

1982      Melancon, Paul (CMB) Professor Emeritus (Cell Biology) Univ. of Alberta (Edmonton,


1982      Braunlin, William (Chemistry) Patent agent, Sunstein LLP, Boston, MA

1982      Bleam, Louise M. (Chemistry)  Professor (Chemistry), Central College, Pella, IA (retired)

1979      Strauss, Harlee S (CMB)  President H. Strauss Associates, Inc., Natick, MA

1978      Wensley, C. Glen (Chemistry) Research and Development, Celgard, Charlotte, NC


1977      Lohman, Timothy M.  (Chemistry) Professor (Biophysics), Washington Univ St Louis

1977      deHaseth, Pieter L. (CMB) Professor Emeritus, Case Western Reserve Univ

1976      Woodbury, Charles P. (Chemistry) Assoc. Professor Emeritus (Pharmacy), U Ill. Chicago


One of the major goals of our lab is the training of undergrads to become the next generation of scientists.  In any given semester we have about 15 to 20 undergrads doing research with us.  Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors going on to graduate school, medical school, or starting careers!

  • Stephen Halada, Pharmacology & Toxicology 2021 (clinical research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and then applying to medical school next year)

  • Jiayin Tang, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Psychology 2021 (PhD program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Harvard University)

  • Maddie Boleyn, Biochemistry 2021 (a gap year then completing a Masters the following year, and then pursuing a dual MD, PhD program)

  • Krysta Stroncek, Food Science 2021 (Associate Food Scientist in R&D at PepsiCo)

  • Armor Anuchit Rupanya, Biochemistry with Honors and Chemistry 2021 (Chemistry Ph.D. program in Chemical Biology at University of Chicago)

  • Takahiro Ishikuri, Biochemistry and Statistics 2021 (applying to medical schools after a gap year)

  • Keer Zhao, Chemistry and Communication Arts 2020 (applying to photography school)

  • Artun Kadaster, Biochemistry with Honors and a certificate in Biology Core 2020 (clinical research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic for a gap year and applying to medical schools)

  • Sumin Yang, Microbiology and a certificate in Gender Studies 2020 (applying to medical schools after a gap year)

  • Kate McClure, Biochemistry 2020 (Clinical Research Coordinator for the Carbone Cancer Center, UW Hospital & Clinics as a gap year, and then applying to medical schools)

  • Claire Evensen, Biochemistry and Applied Math 2020 (Masters of Applied Math at Oxford, then PhD program in Evolutionary Biology and Disease Ecology at Berkeley)

  • Sarah Doughty, Biochemistry 2020 (Marquette University School of Dentistry)

  • Tristan Gunther, Biochemistry 2019 (Biochemistry and Biophysics Ph.D. program at the University of California - San Diego, research intern Record Lab 2020-2021)

  • Jack Prazich, Biochemistry 2019 (PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas-Austin)

  • Sarah Dyke, Biochemistry and French 2019 (MD student at the Medical College of Wisconsin)

  • Guanyu Gary Liao, Biochemistry and Statistics 2019 (Chemistry Ph.D. program at Princeton University)

  • Jamie Schuberth, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology 2019 (Research & Development Engineer at Amcor)

  • Rebecca Brodziski, Biomedical/Medical Engineering 2018 (lab research tech 3 at Rush University Alzheimer's Disease Center)

  • Rebecca Tang, Biochemistry 2018 (PhD program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, formerly Associate Scientist at Luminex Corporation)

  • Rezwana Karim, Chemistry and Biochemistry 2019 (PhD student Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Cornell University, formerly research intern in Record Lab)

  • Nicholas Visser, Chemistry and Mathematics 2018 (Medical Student at Medical College of Wisconsin, formerly Assistant Scientist at PPD)

  • Katelyn Lulu Callies, Biology 2018 (PhD student at Seattle Molecular and Cellular Biology Program - University of Washington and Fred Hutch, formerly National Institutes of Health post-baccalaureate fellowship at National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research)

  • Christina McNerney, Biochemistry 2018 (Ph.D student at Johns Hopkins University Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology, and Biophysics)

  • Yan Ma, Chemical Engineering 2016 (Software Development Engineer, Inc.) (former research intern, Record Lab)

  • Yao Yao, Math, Chemistry, and Computer Science 2017 (PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department)

  • David Lambert, Biochemistry 2017 (MD student at Medical College of Wisconsin)

  • Clare Kai Cimperman, Biochemistry and Chinese 2017 (PhD student Microbiology University of Pennsylvania; formerly National Institutes of Health post-baccalaureate internship position in Maryland)

  • Andrew Kilger, Biochemistry 2017 (MD student at University of Minnesota Medical School)

  • Runyu Hong, Biochemistry 2017 (New York University School of Medicine’s Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences for the System & Computational Biomedicine track)

  • Can Abby Xu, Chemical Engineering 2016 (validation engineer, Medline Industries)

  • Joe Kraft, Biochemistry and Chemistry 2016 (PhD student in Biomedical Engineering UW-Madison, formerly Covance; deceased)

  • Hertina Kan, Biochemistry 2016 (quality control analyst at Colorcon)

  • Lindsey Felth, Biochemistry and German 2016 (University of California-Davis, Pharmacology and Toxicology Ph.D program) (former research intern Record Lab)

  • Kevin O’Connor, Biochemistry 2016 (PhD student in the Department of Immunology, Washington University)

  • Sherry Cheng, Chemistry, Math, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology 2016 (PhD student at Caltech, Chemistry Department, physical chemistry track) (former research intern, Record Lab)

  • Jack Kalloch 2016 (Dental School, Temple University)

  • Brian Paoletti

  • Kayla Stenjem, (Dental School, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

  • Adrian Pantel, Biochemistry and Biology 2016 (Associate Scientist at Fresenius Kabi)

  • Cristen Molzahn, Biochemistry 2015 (PhD student at University of British Columbia-Vancouver, Biochemistry Department) (former research intern, Record Lab)

  • Evan Buechel, Biochemistry 2015 (PhD student at Department of Genetics, Northwestern University)

  • Emily Zytkiewicz, Biochemistry 2015 (Research Specialist, Record Lab UW-Madison)

  • Hunter Cochran, 2015 (University of Arkansas Medical School)

  • Mikaela Poulos, Microbiology 2014 (Chemist at Electro Fiber Technologies; formerly intern Record Lab)

  • Si Wang (Cece), 2014 (Northwestern University, Feinburg School of Medicine (currently a resident at Children's Hospital Los Angeles))

  • Yurun Zhang, Biochemistry 2014 (UCLA)

  • Summer (Xue) Xia, Biochemistry 2014 (Johns Hopkins)

  • Zhao Yang, Biochemistry 2014 (UIChicago)

  • Matthew Sternke, Biochemistry 2014 (Johns Hopkins)

  • Rachel Wong, Biochemistry 2013 (Wash U St. Louis; NSF Fellow)

  • August Melcher, Chemistry 2013 (UC Berkeley)

  • Michael Cha, Biochemistry 2013 (Yale)

  • Zeeshan Haq, 2013 (UW-Madison Medical School)

  • Mark Kraemer, 2013 (UW-Madison Medical School)

  • Alison Huckenpahler, 2013 (Medical College of Wisconsin)

  • Lauren Ackerman, 2013 (Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Noel Phan, 2013 (U of Minnesota Medical School)

  • Tyler Weid, Biochemistry 2012 (Johns Hopkins; NSF Fellow)

  • Dana Bellissimo, Biochemistry 2011 (MD/PhD, U Penn)

  • Tim Wendorff, Biochemistry, 2010 (UC Berkeley; NSF Fellow)

  • Ben Strick, Biochemistry & Chemistry, 2009 (Northwestern)

  • Kevin Metcalf, Chemical Engineering, 2009 (UC Berkeley; NSF Fellow)

Feel free to contact our lab to update your alumni information.