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Contact Information

Ronald T. Raines, Ph.D.
   Henry Lardy Professor of Biochemistry,
   Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Biology,
   and Professor of Chemistry

Department of Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin - Madison
433 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1544 USA





(608) 262-8588

(608) 890-2583

For undergraduate students interested in working with us...

Application Materials

  1. Cover letter stating your goals and interests in the Raines laboratory, including your intended length of stay.
  2. Academic transcript listing your GPA.

Procedures and Policies

  1. All applications must be submitted in HARD COPY to Professor Raines's office (Room 371 of the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Laboratories). No electronic applications will be accepted.
  2. Space is shared with your mentor, a graduate student or postdoctorate.
  3. Research is done for academic credit, not financial support. Academic credits are calculated as: 4 hours in the laboratory = 1 credit. You must commit to at least 2 credits per semester.

Summer Funding

All undergraduates who plan to work during the summer are REQUIRED to apply for summer funding. Funding is available from the Graduate School (Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship), CALS, L&S, the Department of Biochemistry (Mary Shine Peterson Award), and the Department of Chemistry. DEADLINES VARY. Please be aware that summer fellowship procedures are INDEPENDENT of the application to the Raines Laboratory.