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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Original Research)

  1. A conserved interaction with the chromophore of fluorescent proteins. Amit Choudhary, Kimberli J. Kamer, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Protein Science 21, 171–177. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  2. tRNA Ligase catalyzes the GTP-dependent ligation of RNA with 3′-phosphate and 5′-hydroxyl termini. Kevin K. Desai and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Biochemistry 51, 1333–1335. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  3. Boronate-mediated biologic delivery. Gregory A. Ellis, Michael J. Palte, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 3631–3634. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  4. A potent, versatile disulfide-reducing agent from aspartic acid. John C. Lukesh, III, Michael J. Palte, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 4057–4059. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  5. Interaction of nucleic acids with the glycocalyx. Michael J. Palte and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 6218–6223. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  6. Ribonuclease-activated cancer prodrug. Gregory A. Ellis, Nicholas A. McGrath, Michael J. Palte, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 3, 268–272. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  7. Synthesis of 5-fluoro- and 5-hydroxymethanoprolines via lithiation of N-BLOC-methanopyrrolidines. Constrained Cγ-exo and Cγ-endo Flp and Hyp conformer mimics. Grant R. Krow, Matthew D. Shoulders, Ram Edupuganti, Deepa Gandla, Fang Yu, Philip E. Sonnet, Matthew Sender, Amit Choudhary, Charles DeBrosse, Charles W. Ross, III, Patrick Carroll, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Journal of Organic Chemistry 77, 5331–5344. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information
  8. Conversion of biomass to sugars via ionic liquid hydrolysis: Process synthesis and economic evaluation. S. Murat Sen, Joseph B. Binder, Ronald T. Raines, and Christos T. Maravelias (2012). Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining 6, 444–452. [PDF]
  9. Peptides that anneal to natural collagen in vitro and ex vivo. Sayani Chattopadhyay, Christopher J. Murphy, Jonathan F. McAnulty, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 10, 5892–5897. [PubMed] [PDF]
  10. Image of CoverCOVER ARTICLE: Ribonucleoside 3′-phosphates as pro-moieties for an orally administrated drug. Michael J. Palte, Amy K. F. Davis, Nicholas A. McGrath, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). ChemMedChem 7, 1361–1364. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  11. Diazo-compounds as highly tunable reactants in 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions with cycloalkynes. Nicholas A. McGrath and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Chemical Science 3, 3237–3240. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Reviews)

  1. Trimethyl lock: A trigger for molecular release in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology. Michael N. Levine and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Chemical Science 3, 2412–2420. [PubMed] [PDF]

Invited Journal Articles

  1. Rational design and evaluation of mammalian ribonuclease cytotoxins. Jo E. Lomax, Chelcie H. Eller, and Ronald T. Raines (2012). Methods in Enzymology 502, 273–290. [PubMed] [PDF]

Book Chapters

  1. Knowles, Jeremy Randall (1935–2008). Ronald T. Raines (2012). In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Lawrence Goldman, Ed.), article 99981, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. [PDF]